James Petras Exposes Norman Finkelstein’s Bias

Finkelstein denies that the Jewish neocons are motivated by ethnic loyalties to their in-group. Petras sets him straight on that point despite constant interruptions by the host.

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5 thoughts on “James Petras Exposes Norman Finkelstein’s Bias

  1. I was unable to view the last two videos you posted, it says no longer available.
    The ADL must be getting worried and paranoid of their lies and deception you continue to expose everyday.

  2. I give Finkelstein a great deal of credit for all he has done to shine a light on the Nation of Israel. Being a Jew himself, maybe the complete truth about Zionist influence on American Foreign Affairs is too much for him to accept. This must have been recorded about 2006. Finkelstein taught political science at DePaul University, the largest Catholic University in the U.S., for six years but was denied tenure in 2007. To me he is a martyr in the holy (not masochistic) sense. Some of the details of his tenure battle are here: http://normanfinkelstein.com/2012/depaul-alumni-stephanie-willding-told-finkelstein-what-they-cant-rob-you-of-is-the-impact-that-you-had-on-all-of-us

    • Yes he’s sacrificed more than most to get some truths out there. I respect him for that. But I don’t like his holier-than-thou attitude. He is a know-it-all yet evidently knows very little about critical issues like 9/11. He ridicules people who question 9/11 and the official holocaust dogma. I think he knows better but deliberately feigns ignorance on those topics because he is still somewhat protective of his group and doesn’t want to give them too much bad press.

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