Demented Criminal Thief Mike Delaney of Prostink Steals ZCF’s Book, Posts it Online

By illegally posting my unreleased book on a website that I want nothing to do with, the insane criminal thief Mike Delaney solidifies his now infamous reputation as a lying, conniving, traitorous saboteur working directly for the enemy.

By illegally posting my unreleased book on a website that I want nothing to do with, the insane criminal thief Mike Delaney solidifies his now infamous reputation as a lying, conniving, thieving, traitorous saboteur working directly for the enemy.

The beguiling con-man, Mike Delaney, has stepped over another line into the realm of illegality. Not only is he holding my intellectual property on a domain that I have no control over and now want nothing to do with, this rotten thief and eternal scumbag has stolen my 9/11 book by publishing an old, outdated draft of it on the hijacked Zion Crime Factory website. It is now inevitable that my book (albeit an old, outdated version) will be copied and distributed all over the internet without my consent and in direct opposition to my wishes.

Delaney is a proven con-artist who has consistently stolen other people’s work, claiming it for himself. In his younger years he had a habit of stealing cars, and now he is fond of stealing websites as well as essays and books that he did not write. This deranged narcissist pulled the exact same stunt with the mediocre film ‘Missing Links,’ which was almost entirely made by John Alan Martinson Jr. The script of the film was nothing more than a collection of Christopher Bollyn’s 9/11 articles (narrated verbatim by JAM Jr). There was nothing original in the script from Mike since he is incapable of actually doing research — he needs to be hand-fed the information like a small infant being spooned baby food. When JAM Jr. and Prostink split up, Mike claimed full credit for the Missing Links film, denying JAM Jr. any recognition whatsoever, and then proceeded to publicly attack and vilify him like a spiteful turncoat. History seems to be repeating itself.

Delaney has been stealing my work for a long time, even before I came into contact with him. On his Missing Links website, he copied and pasted two articles that I authored, and didn’t even give me credit for one of them. The article posted underneath the Missing Links video titled “Don’t Be Fooled!” was something I had written and published on my old Zion Crime Factory WordPress blog in 2009, which was censored. Knowing the blog was removed and could not be viewed anymore, Delaney lifted the article, and in his typical trashy style replaced the term “Jewish crime network” with “the Jews” everywhere it can be found in the article. This has been his modus operandi from day one, subverting my message to make it sound ignorant and less intelligent, dumbing down my material to suit his peculiarly inept level of trailer park trash talk.

Delaney has always resorted to thievery throughout his sleazy career as a professional “truther”. He has to do this because he is simply not capable of producing anything of value himself. He knows very well that if he takes down my former site, as he should, then his entire “network” will crumble into pieces. Without my site, there is nothing interesting about the “Prothink network”. It is blatantly apparent that Mike is an uneducated cretin who has serious difficulty constructing even basic sentences in the written word. He is an  illiterate buffoon whose intellectual capacity is equivalent to that of a seven-year-old with a severe learning disability. Like parasites and tapeworms, mentally deficient narcissists find ways to profit off of the hard work and effort of others, as Delaney is attempting to do with my former website. While this lazy bum sat on his couch eating Cheetos and studying the Jewish Torah, I was pumping out quality research articles, essays, videos, audios and other content. Most, if not all, of the hosting fees for the site were covered by donations, all of which went directly to him. I did not make one red cent from the site. He most likely used the donations that were intended for me to pay his bills and satisfy his insatiable appetite for hamburgers and Philly cheese-steaks.

The truly priceless irony of this malicious maneuver is that in my 9/11 book I harshly condemn the Old Testament and its adherents, citing a plethora of abhorrent passages to demonstrate the hateful and supremacist nature of this Jewish text — the very thing that Delaney took issue with and the excuse he used to take the website away from me! So why in the world would he publish this book? I have also done this in other articles that I have written (articles which, amazingly enough, he is still featuring on the site!) and for all of this time Delaney didn’t seem to have a problem with it. So why take such offense to it now? And why continue to host material, and publish new material without my permission, that he should be offended by!? So, if we are to follow Delaney’s supreme logic, I am allowed criticize the Old Testament on the website itself, in full public view, but not in a private behind-the-scenes chat room! Don’t torment yourself trying to understand the irrational stupidity of someone whose mental faculties are in a lunatic state of disarray.

I needed to point out that Delaney published my book as yet another treacherous act of sabotage against me because I noticed a number of people — who are either extremely ignorant or intentionally malicious — putting out ridiculous misinformation, suggesting that I may have given Delaney the book as some sort of “compromise.” The truth is that I would never allow this terrorist to publish anything of mine after what he did. After he locked me out of the site, he of course had access to my drafts and unpublished material, which is how he was able to release this.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from Delaney’s psychopathic and irrational behavior is that he is insane. He does not care how bad he looks. He does not care whether the attention he is getting is good or bad — his only concern is that he is getting attention. Unhinged narcissists of this breathtaking caliber need to be flushed down the toilet of history — they need to be scorned and chastised until they crawl back into the sewer from where they first emerged. You heard it from me: I did not and never will give that savage sociopath permission to publish my book or anything else I’ve written. What he is doing is illegal. But convicted criminals like Mike Delaney don’t have much respect for the law, do they?


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101 thoughts on “Demented Criminal Thief Mike Delaney of Prostink Steals ZCF’s Book, Posts it Online

  1. Mindboggling. Is there not a lawyer in the USA who might take up Zander’s plight and nail this thieving bastard to the wall? His actions place him in the same category as those he purports to be fighting against. Yes indeed. What a way to discredit the truth movement. Another Zionist stooge/puppet/lackey in it for his 15 minutes of glory and fame. Don’t rest until he pays his dues Zander.

    • This is a rather intriguing and constructive idea that you present here Webmin. Even if ZCF took Prostink to court and nothing came out of it, the courts would at the very least be forced to cover some of the issues presented in the book, ZCF’s research articles and vides and on ZCF’s now co-opted website.

        • Doesn’t matter that ZCF isn’t an American citizen. However, much of his personal information would come out if you filed a suit in Federal court. Also, I’m not a patent/intellectual property lawyer, but I don’t know if there’d be a valid case here. And no, the court wouldn’t adjudicate any of the information in the book; the whole case would be over whether Dick-Laney stole it or not, not if the information in the book is true (unless that issue came up, which I’m not sure how it would).

    • Arthur Topham Said:

      Is there not a lawyer in the USA who might take up Zander’s plight…

      Shackle me not.

      Never combine your interests with others, unless you love slavery.

      Besides, someone with ZCF’s caliber of mental aptitude would certainly choose to defend HIMSELF- no matter what the arena…Certainly not a Jewdicial court system run from top to bottom by Jews.

      Get in the game- read Protocols #5, and especially #15



      • This would not appear to be a matter, in which ZCF would have to defend himself. It would
        much rather be a case of ZCF suing Delaney. And the reason why he is not doing that may
        be clear at hand. If ZCF has deployed this website by proxy of Delaney, which is uncontested, and the book was written on the said website, then the laws of proprietory
        rights may be very much in favour of Delaney unless written arrangements were made
        to the contrary. Having clarified this I want to leave no doubt that since the arrangements
        between Delaney and ZCF were obviously not those between an employer and a paid employee
        the only honorouble thing for Delaney to do would have been to release to ZCF the notes
        he has made for his book and a copy for private use of all the work ZCF has done and the
        comments he has generated.

        • Thanks for an intelligent reply wotan. It’s too difficult given all the unknowns at the present time to get a firm grip on what’s going on. To my way of thinking though if an author pens an article or a book under their name it matters little whether or not they were involved with a website that they didn’t own. Any writings authored by them and signed by them are all the proof necessary to establish ownership of their intellectual property. Having a little © beside your name doesn’t hurt either.

        • Wotan, maybe ZCF can pray to your cosmic Jewish rabbi Yeshua Moshiach to defend his intellectual property rights. I mean, it’s worth a try, right? After all, with Yahweh all things are possible. :lol:

          • @Z.O.G.
            February 28, 2013 at 7:00 pm

            Don`t know what you are talking about, but that is no news! Besides what you say
            makes no sense and that is also no news – not even the smiley can help!

            Webmin says:
            February 28, 2013 at 6:03 pm

            If the assumptions I made were wrong ZCF would have no problem to win a civil law suite.
            On the basis of my assumptions the plaint would be dismissed. Regardless of the legal
            aspects of the case I find especially the use and publication ot the book manuscript quite
            deplorable. Remains the philosophical consideration: To be in the right and to get right in the
            courts are two different things! The important aspects of civil law are that it provides
            relative certainty – at least to those who know it. ZOG`s side pissing, which he is trying to
            sell as a comic brain sparks of his, cannot change these facts.

  2. yea, I was gonna say,”Take him to jew court!”All I can say is, sorry for your problems, but I feel this will make you stronger and better!

  3. It’s possible that Mike Delaney had been planning to steal your 9/11 book from you all along and was just waiting for a good opportunity to come along.

    This entire escapade may have been premeditated by Delaney. He clearly has a pattern of stealing other people’s intellectual property, e.g. John Alan Martinson’s movie 9/11 Missing Links.

  4. ZCF, do you have copies of your work, people say surely you backed up your files?

    Mike Delaney is nothing more or less than white trash, people not known for intelligence or morals. He uses his website to make money for himself because he doesn’t want to work a real job or cannot get hired. His behavior towards you is actually a blessing in disguise ( although you cannot see this now ) because it alerted the rest of us to stay far away from this piece of poison and anyone who supports him. Only the lowest white people, those you wouldn’t want for neighbors or friends, will stay with him as slobbering sycophants.

    ZCF, you are young. This isn’t the last time you’ll be stabbed in the back by a scheming human unless you are extremely lucky. Please start to figure out where you’ll go from here. It would be a shame if we lost you because of some sewage chasing you away. That’s like evil defeating good. Think of all this as a chess game and plan your next move.

    • Two blogs now?

      No, just one blog, moron. That’s all I need to expose filthy traitors, thieves and terrorists of your ilk, Scott.

      You belong in Siberia. All traitors and sell-outs should be deported there.

        • Scott who?

          Oh just some pathetic leech living in Siberia named Scott. This conniving backstabber tried to buddy up to me doing me all sorts of favors, and then sided with Prostink concerning this ordeal, like a tried and true “sleeper agent” waiting for the right moment to strike. He was operating as a snitch in our skype group chat, reporting to his master Prostink everything we were writing. He’s a devilish betrayer.

  5. that was me above , Salman An-Noor Hossain, living in exile for exposing Jewish crimes in Canada between 2008 and 2010 while simultaneously calling for and attempting to orchestrate a coup d’etate to oust the Jewish occupied gov in Canada….

    I actually did a live interview/show with Clay Douglas of the with regards to precisely ZCF’s encounter with Profink…and what went on between JAM, Quest, and our “heeero” Mike D…. Clay was suspicious that ZCF is going under a pseudonym and alias – since he is supposedly in the Patriot movement up north and I had to explain to Clay why up in Canada we can’t use our real names – it’ll get us in deep doo doo and harassment, legal or otherwise from the thought (i.e. “hate”) crimes/”extremism” unit …or else they will have to either end up getting fined, charged, or having to flee in exile (as in my case and I’ve been charged with hate crimes as well)

    u can listen in on the interview –
    Part 1

    Part 2

    both episodes half an hour each – turn up the volume if u can because the sound fades away sometimes… my connection is horrible down here –

    oh, and Mike D just had to call me a towel headed hajji and sand nigger on Das Fuhrer wanna be Andre Anglin’s “Total Fascism” website

  6. Clay will bring on John Alan Martinson Jr the Second, CEO of The Monarchist Party on February 28th, to talk about a Fascist Monarchy/Autocracy being a better form of gov than the crap we have right now – and he may also talk about Mike D as well…

    anyways…more to come…stay tuned

    • Salman, can you please tell us more about the rumors that Mike Delaney is under the influence of Feride Kaplan, the Jewish mother of Evren Hun Welshons-Kaplan, and if she is somehow affiliated with the FBI? This is very important. If Mike Delaney is in fact being controlled by a Jewish FBI handler, then everyone here needs to know about it so that they steer clear of him and his websites.

      • As far as I am concerned, he wasn’t ever under the influence of Feride Kaplan, but definitely he was subverted and manipulated and infiltrated by “Quest” or Evren Hun Welshons-Kaplan, born to a Jewish womb….Evren’s Jewish momma was of course dating an Israeli Jew as of 2009 who Curt Maynard pointed out, thereby sealing the case shut for Quest’s Jewish origins…

        in either case, Mike Delaney’s efforts and potential was minimized after the appearance of the Jew Evren Hun Kaplan-Welshon aka Quest and this was going way back a few years ago around late 2008/early 2009 all the way throughout 2009 Mike D and Quest were homeys….

        and JAM mentioned that Mike Delaney’s wifey Renee Klafonda once speculated in the car when he was working on Missing Links that she probably had some Jooish ancestry….straight from the horse’s mouth!!!

        • Salman writes:

          “Mike Delaney’s efforts and potential was minimized after the appearance of the Jew Evren Hun Kaplan-Welshon aka Quest”

          What possible potential could a convicted thief have other than to steal, lie and subvert for personal gain??

          My first mistake was letting this evil snake-in-the-grass host a site for me to begin with. I learned my lesson the hard way, obviously.

  7. PATTY said:

    Think of all this as a chess game and plan your next move…

    [Scene: Inside of Sheriff Buford T. Justice's (Jackie Gleason's) Patrol Car]

    Why’s the Bandit slowin’ down Daaaaaaaaddy?

    I don’t know Juniah’…he’z probably up deah playin’ wit hiz lil’ pecka’ or sumpin’

    Ya’ think we’re gonna’ catch him this time Daaaaaaaaddy?

    If dat sombitch half-ass of a constable Delaney’s plan wooorks out like he’s figya-ed.

    [Scene shows Detour sign (points in direction to Court House)]

    [Scene shows Delaney waiting in lay w/his road block]

    [Scene cuts back to the inside of ZCF's Bad-ass Black Pontiac Trans Am w/silver German eagle clutching swastika in its talons across the hood]

    [sound from CB]

    Blah Blah Blah…

    Breaka! Breakaaaah! This is tha’ Snow Man comin’ atcha’

    Hate to break up that little pitty party you throwin’ up der’..

    Son you gettin’ hung up! Don’t mind us dough, turn dat’ neck around and



    Assuming that the real ZCF is in fact still alive, and if he is, that he is in fact the author of this new site ( then…

    Consider it a lesson learned- no longer COMBINE your interests with others…ex. WordPress, BlogSpot, YouTube, BlueHost, Mike Delaney, etc. etc.

    Regain your strength, power, and most importantly- your freedom and liberty- return to being an INDIVIDUAL.

    Go get that good pal, really good woman, $1,000 file server, T1 connection, and start hosting away- break free (at least in the www/net context).

    Dont’ believe any of the above?

    Read ole’ Protocols #5 and especially #15.

    Now do you get it?

    Good Luck and Keep On Truckin’ Brudda! :D

  8. Here’s the ORIGINAL – and I mean the Frigging ORIGINAL essay that I ghostwrote for some ethnic Tamil dude living in Multi-culti Canada about how the Yids pulled off 9-11. This was sent to Mike Delaney BEFORE he teamed up with JAM around the time he met up with Naveed Khan aka Khanverse in early 2008 – I got suspended 5 years by the Uni of Toronto for writing that paper….but not precisely for that reason… the official excuse was that I am a ghostwriter who has an enterprise that I am running selling papers to students…I was doing it part time…writing for students but not as an enterprise…anyways…here’s the paper written below – this article was written during the fall of 2007…clearly a good chunk of it was used by JAM in the 9-11 Missing Links video – ACB docs, IASPs, the meaning of “Al Qaeda”, Odigo,
    My sources included the Forward, Bollyn, New York Times, the People’s Voice, BBC, and countless others – in fact I AM the original info transmitter that a lotta stuff used by Khanverse in writing the script to 9-11 came from. And I think Naveed Khan did a good chunk of writing the script based on this paper. Mike Delaney had a good chunk of the basic info gathered together in one place because I compiled it for him and others like him in the essay below. Have a good read folks!

  9. Here’s the worse possibility – it’s something I hadn’t considered, but considering how Mike Delany isn’t really using the old ZCF site for anything, and all he did was halt you, it seems to me to be the logical conclusion:

    It is possible that he did this for no ideological reason, and only for the sole purpose of attempting to sabotage your work.

    • Well, duh.

      Let’s take a look at Cointelpro “intended effects”

      1. create a negative public image for target groups (e.g. by surveiling activists, and then releasing negative personal information to the public)
      2. break down internal organization
      3. create dissension between groups
      4. restrict access to public resources
      5. restrict the ability to organize protests
      6. restrict the ability of individuals to participate in group activities

      1. Well, done. Especially with this C.I stuff.
      2. Done.
      3. Definitely done.
      4. Cannot get to that if you can’t even get 2-3 working.
      5. Yup, go around in circles reading your Old Testament, that will change things. Organize? Be active? The Jews will jump out of trees and shit… be afraid be afraid be afraid etc.
      6. Never have even gotten to this part.

      That’s how you defeat a group, or any movement. No, it’s not Cointelpro I’m just using that program as an example of how most of the stuff going on now is calculated.

  10. ZCF, the best way to get back here would be to join Oracle network and start a weekly radio show, you could do episodes on christian identity taking it apart and or taking on the shills, as well as doing your own 911 broadcasts. Your work with charlie guiliani, the interviews were top of the line, plus he’s an atheist and theres more over there. You could push them to number 1 and take over jewthink. Just some thoughts.

  11. I agree with the final comment. I think the guys at Renegade are doing some great stuff and it would be fantastic to hear you over there, ZCF. It seems that they are keen to add people to the roster so I hope this is something that you think about.

  12. Delaney has always been a plant, he’s some kind of informant in my opinion. I even wrote about that in the comments section of your former web-site, eventually the comment was deleted.

    He [Delaney] was a drug addled car thief who was caught… he was then somehow let off with almost no punishment (why?). Later he magically appears in the truth movement “befriending” the most active and effective activists (Like JAM). Oh and…

    He started off working with Jews, that’s something that a lot of people forget! He started off working with Jews! Quest anyone?

    I also think that Andrew of TotalFascism is also some sort of informant. He has a similar back ground. He is a “reformed” criminal that for some reason or other was never really punished and changes his views about as many times as Delaney changes purses. He also joined the “truth” movement right around the same time with his ‘outlaw journalism’ site. I think it’s interesting to note that he claims he had to take down the OJ forum because it was causing “server issues” for the TF site which is a bald-faced lie. Even if TF and OJ were running in the same MYSQL database, the sites would need MASSIVE loads to cause database issues and neither site has anywhere near that sort of user base. No, he took down the forum to hide his past postings!

    Right, that brings me to another issue with Andrew — his traveling, he’s traveled to pretty remote areas… as a young man. Never explains why he wanted to go live in jungles and never explains how he footed the bill.

    Just like Delaney and his rather large family.

    Delaney is an unemployed man and somehow manages to feed and clothe 4 children? He has no job and comes up with thousands for a “bus tour” ? How?

    I come from a 4 person family and my Dad was working 12 to 14 hours a day and my mom was out working too! And that was the in the 1980‘s, the basic cost of living was much, much cheaper!

    Oh and…

    Do you remember that Quest and Prothink video that they took together at that resto-bar? Well he’s done the same thing with Andrew. How cute. It’s even cuter that at the same time both want you to “give them a call” (to record you duh), “what are you scared of?” We’ll never get anything done without meeting at a restaurant and drinking beers!”

    Delaney is an informant period, and I’m almost 100% certain that Andrew is as well.

    • yeppers…my pops said this about Delaney way back in 2008 when I first teamed up with him… that he’s a plant… and now he’s more than that….his leaves have grown too big not to miss out on this obvious fact

    • I have to agree with JewHatingNigra. Mike Delaney and Andrew Anglin absolutely reek of FBI/police informants. Their backgrounds and activities are extremely shady and suspicious. Beware.

  13. As for you and your website, it’s a damn shame.

    You were VERY effective at getting the message out, very effective and that’s probably why you had to be taken out.

    I see that everyone in that circle has all of a sudden gone into “C.I” – What a surprise! (not).

    They’ll be sitting there going around in circles forever all the while studying the same histories about the Jew over and over again (like what Delaney has disgustingly turned your site into) instead of concentrating on NOW and what they’re up to NOW.

  14. Just release the final draft of your book here. Soon this site here will be the number one carthorse. Your quality, honesty and goodwill will grow upwards like a dandelion through asphalt.
    As long as you keep on writing, a site operated by you will regain its deserved top spot.

  15. I can understand why you hate Mike Delaney, but what kind of moron doesn’t backup his own shit. If you’ve been robbed, then sue Mike for stolen property, but bitching on here isn’t going to get your shit back. You’re very smart for your young age, but your lack of life experience is proving to be your downfall.

    • What a fine and supportive fucking troll you come across as Aijahlon. Crawl back in your hole along with the rest of the trogs or else have a little respect for Zander.

    • It appears that freedom of speech applies only to the likes of those such as “Aijahlon” who, because he felt put out or insulted by my freely expressed opinion that his needless disrespect for Zander made him appear as a potential troll, decided to send me a personal email that basically threatened the safety of myself and my wife. I am posting below his email and my response to it and would suggest to anyone else on this site that if they find my comments or opinions too much to handle that they refrain from sending me actual threatening emails or else expect that legal repercussions could result from their actions. I have no time or patience for fools who, rather than debate civilly (or even uncivilly) within the context of the forum they are willingly participating in, choose instead to try and intimidate their critics via mossad tactics that involve making threats (however veiled or couched they may appear). I would only add one thing here to the reply I sent to Aijahlon. Do you think that I am fearful of your threats? I’ve been openly publishing for fifteen years now and my identity and physical location is well known to the world at large. And, as the Caterpillar said to Alice, “And who are you?” Please let us know. What is your actual name and where do you live and what do you offer to the struggle for liberty and freedom?
      From: Arthur Topham
      Subject: Re: Mr. Topham
      Date: 3 March, 2013 10:08:34 AM PST
      To: Aijahlon Bolyn
      Cc: Terry WILSON , Normandie Levas , Doug Christie

      Aijahlon Bolyn,

      Please be aware that threats to another person’s safety and security are not to be construed as legal tender here in Canada.

      As you rightfully state in your email below, “3) I can say anything I want to Zander, it is called freedom of speech and is none of your fucking business.” I would add though that the same applies to my initial comments to you; ones that appear to have distressed you to the point where you feel it is necessary to write to me personally and make the type of veiled warnings that you do with regard to my well-being.

      I am no stranger to such threats yet I do take them seriously and, as such, find it necessary to bring this to the attention of the Canadian police force here in B.C. known as the RCMP.

      I have no way of determining who you are or whether you are a Canadian citizen or not. Possible the RCMP do. Either way I would suggest that you take notice of the fact that the appropriate authorities have been made aware of your letter and its contents.


      Arthur Topham
      The Radical Press

      From: Aijahlon Bolyn
      Subject: Mr. Topham
      Date: 3 March, 2013 2:30:19 AM PST
      To: Arthur Topham

      Webmin said, “What a fine and supportive fucking troll you come across as Aijahlon. Crawl back in your hole along with the rest of the trogs or else have a little respect for Zander.”

      (1) I do have respect for Zander.
      (2) I was just speaking to Zander as a man would speak to another man, so do not get your panties in a bunch.
      (3) I can say anything I want to Zander, it is called freedom of speech and is none of your fucking business.
      (4) Why do I get the feeling that a troll in your opinion, is anyone you disagree with?
      (5) Now let me speak to you as a man would Mr. Topham, since you are 65 years old, you should be smart enough to know that writing hateful shit like your above comment while hiding behind a keyboard doesn’t guarantee you safety. They are a lot of people out there who could learn your name (R. Arthur Topham), address (4633 Barkerville Hwy Quesnel BC V2J6T8), home & work phone number (250) 992-3479, and other information to use against you and completely destroy your life. Some people would enjoy it almost as much as mining for gold. Think before you type Arthur, so that you and your wife can live happily, and be careful who you tell to crawl back in their hole, because they just might crawl up your ass like a parasite and eat you from the inside out.

      p.s. Be thankful Mr. Topham, because not everyone is as nice as I am.

  16. I don’t get it? Why would you give up after basically devoting your young life to the most important issue that faces humanity? Totally don’t give this delaney anymore publicity and strike out on your own to continue your valuable jew-wise work. We need intellectuals such as yourself to continue to educate those who want the truth and inspire those of whom you’ve already educated! I’ve recently reread 1984 and consider your work just as or more important than Orwell’s. I know these are different times but he had obstacles he had to overcome as well. Start a new Website, and we’ll support you. Your work is to important for us to accept a “farewell.” We’d even invite and pay you to speak in our town. Please don’t give up! Your work is also just as important as Thomas Paine and his Age of Reason! What more can I write to convince you you are IMPORTANT to this society and world!

    • Thanks Kevin. Your observations are spot on as the Brits say.

      I just received this post via Zander’s old site which is obviously something he wrote and is most likely an excerpt from his stolen book. It’s pure Zanderian in style. I tried to access the site to see it but neither of my browsers would allow me to gain access. Strange indeed. I’d like to hear from others on this site if they are able to get to the old ZCF site.


      The Jewish Mafia’s Crusade For World Conquest
      by admin

      The Jewish Mafia seeks world domination and the destruction of the “hated Gentiles”! Will you let them do it?
      by ZionCrimeFactory
      MASTERS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL projection, the Jewish Mafia has consistently projected their own dark, sinister desires onto those whom they seek to weaken, undermine, subvert and destroy.
      Demonization, vilification and smear-terrorism is certainly the forte of the conniving Jew. Witness the unceasing vilification of Adolf Hitler, a man dead for over 65 years. Witness the ferocious, unrelenting smears and slanderous attacks on gallant nationalists, patriots and historical revisionists by the Jewish-dominated mainstream media. Witness the lying propaganda flooding out of our televisions designed to incite hatred and foster hysteria against Arab/Muslim countries, groups and leaders who don’t play ball with the perilous Zionist expansionist/colonialist agenda in the Mid-East. Witness the rabid intolerance of dissenting views (on history, politics, social issues, etc) by subversive Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and World Jewish Congress. The pure, fanatical hatred and hostility displayed by the Jewish Mafia towards non-Jewish citizens of countries in which they operate is unmatched by any other crime network.

      Destruction of Jewish Enemies & World Conquest

      Jews plotted German extinction! Were you aware? Do you even care?
      Now, let’s talk about extermination programs, contemplated mass-murder and holocausts. The most reprobate piece of hate literature ever published was not written by any German Nazi, but rather by an American Jew. In 1941, prior to America’s entry into WWII, Theodore N. Kaufman devised a perverse plan for the annihilation of the entire German race in a “final solution”. He published his diabolical, hate-filled, blood-soaked manuscript under the title, “Germany Must Perish”, and it received wide-spread distribution in America.
      I have mentioned this book many times and will continue to bring it up because most people are wholly oblivious to its existence. Why don’t more people know about it? Because it is a clear manifestation of Jewish evil that they have desperately endeavored to hide from the Western public; the tried and true Protocols of Zion maxim of erasing inconvenient facts from the history books is obviously being followed: “We shall erase from the memories of men all facts of previous centuries that are undesirable to us.”
      Amazingly, Kaufman’s genocide-advocating text was not denounced as it should have been, but was praised and celebrated by many mainstream publications who gave it rave reviews. This Jew was not labeled a “hate monger”, a “bigot”,  a “racist” or an “extremist”, by the media, but rather an “idealist” with grandiose dreams of “global peace” upon the extinction of the German race and nation. Kaufman’s anti-Germanic hate screed set the stage for widespread anti-German hatred sweeping across America and contributed to coaxing the American public out of their overwhelmingly isolationist/anti-war mood, in favor of Jewish-driven interventionism.
      In an interview published in the September 26. 1941 edition of The Canadian Jewish Chronicle, the aforementioned genocidal Jewish Germanophobe, Theodore Kaufman, defended his book and his satanic proposal to exterminate all Germans. Kaufman said: “I don’t hate the Germans, mind you. I only want to say that the theory of Germanism has been responsible for all the world wars. So why not rid the world of the aggressive Hun? But it must be done humanly. That’s why I advocate the sterilization of all Germans.”
      A look at the number of wars fought by leading European powers between 1815-1914 reveals that Germany is tied with Austria in fourth place on the list having fought only three wars during that time frame. Britain tops the list with ten wars fought, Russia is second with seven wars fought, and France is third with five wars fought. From 1871-1914, the Germans under Bismark and the Kaiser did not fight a single war. This information clearly discredits Kaufman’s pathetic lies about the inherent aggressiveness and war-like nature of Germans.
      Moreover, as far as warmongering is concerned, it is (and has always been) the Jews, not the Germans, who incite, instigate and agitate constantly for wars (for profit). Jewish banking houses and financiers, such as the Rothschild’s, Warburg’s, Schiff’s, Sassoon’s, Speyer’s, Oppenheimer’s, Guggenheim’s, Montiefore, etc, have pretty much been behind every major war of the last three hundred fifty years or so.

      The Jewish Mafia are perpetual war inciters. The murderous terror of zion is felt throughout the world.
      Who could forget Jew banker Nathan Rothschild’s infamous swindle at Waterloo in the early 1800s, or Russophobic Jew banker Jacob Schiff’s financing of the Japanese Military campaign against Russia in 1905? Who declared a “Holy War” against Germany in 1933, agitating Hitler and his government, who were thus forced — by this Jewish action — to take defensive measures against Germany’s Jews by interning them in prison camps, as they posed a security threat to the nation. Was it on behalf of the Germans that the imperialist British Naval forces waged two aggressive wars against China in the 1800s? No, it was done at the behest of the Jewish financier David Sassoon (with the help of his Rothschild pals in London), whose illicit opium trafficking into China had been quelled by Chinese patriots and who therefore used the British as pawns to reestablish his criminal drug enterprise in Asia. Were the neoconservative warhawks who were behind all of the lies and deceptive propaganda that led to the cataclysmic American war against Iraq in 2003 (and who are now agitating for a war with Iran and Syria) German Nazis? No, they are Zionist Jews. Are these not the actions of real warmongers? Of course, you will rarely find Jews on the front lines fighting in these wars that they regularly instigate, advocate and perpetuate; they’re rather content financing the war machines of both sides from afar and reeling in the immense profits. The domain of cowards and criminals.
      Later in the same interview, Kaufman made this revealing statement: “I believe that the Jews have a mission in life. They must see to it that the nations of the world get together in one vast confederation. ‘Union Now’ is the beginning of this. Slowly but surely the world will develop into paradise. We will have perpetual peace. And the Jews will do the most to bring about this confederation, because they have the most to gain.” Kaufman speaks of all nations forming “one vast confederation” in which “Jews will do the most to bring about” (because they) “have the most to gain.” This is almost certainly a subtle reference to Jewish World Government.

      Jews believe they were “chosen” by their tribal god, Satan, to be the owners and rulers of the earth.
      This Jewish-Globalist plot elucidated by Kaufman, was echoed by Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, who, in 1962, stated: “In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents.” Zionist leader Nahum Sokolow had previously affirmed organized Jewry’s globalist ambitions when, in 1922 at a Zionist conference in Carlsbad, California, he proclaimed: “The League of Nations is a Jewish idea, and Jerusalem some day will become the capital of the world’s peace.” Walter Rathenau (1867-1922), a German-Jewish industrialist, writer, and statesman who served as Germany’s Foreign Minister during the Weimar Republic, said: “Three hundred men, each of whom knows all the others, govern the fate of the European continent, and they elect their successors from their entourage.” In 1926 Jean Izoulet, a Jewish professor at the College of France and a member of the secret Judeo-Masonic group Alliance Israelite Universelle, wrote in his work “Paris Capital of Religions”: “I will certainly not abandon their Magisterium time the three hundred bankers who now dominate the world.” One can confidently surmise, based on the facts illustrated herein, that these “three hundred bankers” who “govern the fate of Europe” that Rathenau and Izoulet spoke of are the Jewish Elders of Zion, headed by the evil Rothschild dynasty.
      These self-incriminating Jewish pronouncements mesh nicely with an astonishing article that appeared in the October 6. 1940 edition of the New York Times entitled, “New World Order Pledged To Jews”. The article reveals that British War Cabinet member, Arthur Greenwood, promised — upon the defeat of the Axis Powers in WWII — to help establish a “New World Order” in which “the wrongs suffered by the Jewish people … should be righted,” and that the Jews of the world would be given the opportunity “to make a distinctive and constructive contribution in the rebuilding of the world.”
      It shouldn’t come as a surprise that all of this Judaic discourse is exemplified by Protocol No. 6 of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, which states: “In every possible way we must develop the significance of our Super-Government by representing it as the Protector and Benefactor of all those who voluntarily submit to us.” For more evidence of this pernicious Zionist desire for world domination, look no further than the Babylonian Talmud, which states: “… the moment the Messiah comes all will be anxious to serve Israel [as slaves].” A prominent Jewish rabbi in Israel is not shy about professing superiority over “the Goyim”, and unashamedly spelled out the Jewish desire to make all Gentiles into serfs, like cattle on a ranch. “Gentiles only exist,” the Sephardic rabbi Ovadia Yosef declared,  “to serve the people of Israel … They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… that is why Gentiles were created.” This statement by Yosef cannot just be dismissed as the sentiments of a “lone crackpot,” since the crazed rabbi was simply reciting what his odious religion teaches about the inferiority of “the Goyim” (non-Jews).
      The Zohar, for example, tells us that non-Jews don’t have souls:“’living soul’ refers to Israel, who have holy living souls from above, and “cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth” to the other peoples who are not ‘living soul’.”

      This sea of skulls (picked clean by Judaic vultures!) is what awaits us Gentiles under the Jewish New World Order.
      The Jewish Zoharite policy with regards to “Amalekites” is pretty simple, (they must be wiped out): “when God reveals himself, they will be wiped off the earth. But withal redemption will not be complete until Amalek will be exterminated.” According to the chief rabbi of Safed, the Israeli holocaust of the Gazan Palestinians is a war against Amalek, and is therefore justified in his delusional mind. Jewish rabbis in Israel have also called for extermination camps for Palestinians in order to wipe them out like Amalek; “blot out their memory from under the heavens”, “leave alive nothing that breathes”, “utterly destroy them… show no mercy to them” as it commands them to do in the Talmud hate literature.

      Zionist Jews feast on Palestinian children for breakfast!
      Elie Wiesel — the phony HoloHoax martyr, pathological liar and documented fraud — made these odious statements on the necessity for Jews to hate Non-Jews, especially Germans:
      “Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate — healthy, virile hate — for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of the dead. [...] There is a time to love and a time to hate; whoever does not hate when he should does not deserve to love when he should. [...] Without hate we could not hope to obtain victory.”
      This trenchant tactic of preaching one thing to “the Goyim” and the exact opposite to their kinsmen is standard practice of Protocolist Jews. In doing so, the Jewish Mafia aims to “liberalize” Aryans into being so “tolerant” and “accepting of others” — and thus fearful of being called a “hater”, “racist”, “bigot”, etc — that we will end up sanctioning criminals, swindlers, murderers, dope dealers, rapists, pedophiles and liars, who sail underneath the false flag of perennial victimhood — all in the name of “tolerance.” This “disarming” of the Gentile psyche via Jewish Liberalism is an espoused doctrine in the Protocols of Zion. The Jewish Mafia has been wildly successful in implementing that part of their world-dominion scheme, and its disastrous effects can be seen all around us.
      “DemoCrazy” — Just Another Protocolist Ruse!
      The Jewish Mafia’s latest deceptive booby trap is the promotion of “democracy.” Jews have preached “democracy,” and through getting their dupes to believe in it, have succeeded in riveting on their necks the chain of “Shylocracy,” the rule of the Crowned Usurer. Shylock-Rothschild, who was admitted to England’s parliament by “liberal” decree, now rules the world. Reduced to impotence the nations bow before the Law — as laid down by the Jew’s Bank.
      For the full scope of the Jewish Mafia’s blood-curdling plan for world conquest, and enslavement of the “goyim cattle”, read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion from beginning to end, before the psychopathic, schizophrenic, megalomaniacal Zionist Jews confiscate and torch every last remaining copy of the text on this earth and purge every last “antisemitic” (truth telling) website from the internet.

      • I have read your essay and your references to that vile jew creature Kaufmann. With such
        a text nobody can question your credentials. And your writing style is easy flowing, just a pleasure to read. Another point: That fellow Aijahlon, who first insulted ZCF and then
        threatened you leaves a somewhat peculiar impression on me. It is not clear what he is
        really aiming at or what he would stand for. Clear is, however, that he has got very bad manners. Just take it like this: Barking dogs don`t bite! And as for ZCF? He could have
        put this man on the waiting list. But I think his skin is trained enough to let such comments roll off his back. I am always checking back here, ZCF, to see if you are starting to write
        articles again, because your texts flow as easy as Arthurs. And never press the wrong
        button and put “ZOG” on the waiting list, promise?

        • Thank you wotan for your kind words. The threatening email has been sent to the Canadian police authorities and I will leave it at that. I get threats on occasion and rather than fret over them send them to the folks whose job it is to protect us. :-) It’s doubtful that he’ll post such things on Zander’s site as it would endanger Zander if he was allowing threats to others.


          • I get threats on occasion and rather than fret over them send them to the folks whose job it is to protect us.

            Aren’t those the same folks who are trying to fine and imprison you?

            I hope the irony isn’t lost on you, but it probably is.

          • Mr. Topham, shouldn’t you tell Jesus about the “threats”? Won’t he protect you? I mean, Jesus is real, right?

            Oh ye of little faith.

  17. Thank you for this post, ZCF! I didn’t know about the background history of Missing Links. Though I have to say, Delaney at least managed to draw attention to it as well as your book. Because in all honesty, spreading truthful perspectives to me is a lot more important than so called intellectual property or internet drama for that matter. While of course honesty and integrity should fundamentally come first! I second the suggestion of releasing your finished book on here just to prove your point and take away any justification anyone might grant Delaney in furthering our goals… I do love your work.

  18. Has Prostink ever considered changing his name to Kikethink because this wannabe jew has mastered the tactics of his so called enemy via his jewish religion Christian Identity.

  19. There is nothing you can do now about what happened with your old site. You can, however, leave a very positive legacy by releasing the full draft of your 9/11 book online.

    Please do this. That is essential work. And then your efforts to help the world with this will have not been in vain.

  20. Regarding the recent Prostink/JAM Jr. video:

    The reason that JAM Jr. changed his attitude toward Prostink and has now altered his tune concerning Missing Links is because sometime after their fallout Prostink gave JAM some career advice that led to JAM getting a job and thus back on his feet. The vid is just another desperate ploy from a desperate con-man calling in favors from people who “owe” him one.

    • That video is what I would call a “non-admission admission”; Martinson doesn’t come out and say that Delaney didn’t steal his work, but instead says just the opposite by saying that he “wishes the A D L would give him more credit”! That’s a tacit admission that he feels that Delaney gets all the credit for something that he helped significantly to produce. I bet Dick-Laney threw some schekels his way; and what a coincidence that Martinson “just happened” to be passing through Wisconsin.

      • Mike you are right…JAM told me personally that MD sent him a couple of hundred bones when he was struggling in trade school…or something like that….so ya…it pretty much explains why he has been “soft” on him..

  21. Now, that I finally am aware of MD’s ‘need to do what he had to do’ I am speechless. Sorry for being so slow, ZCF. There is some peculiar thing that is called resonance. And your articles, videos etc. have always resonated with me. They were and still are very enlightening. So, please, don’t go into a corner and sulk. But whatever you decide to do, you have my best wishes. Silvia

  22. This is the last time I bring this up, but the issue is important.

    Your 9/11 book would be a valuable, original contribution to this effort.

    As individuals, our personas, personal glory, etc., doesn’t matter. However, our contributions of information, tackling serious, pressing issues, does matter. Well sourced publicity of the fact that Israel did 9/11 is one of the most important things – if not the most important thing, we could push at this time.

    The “Prostink” link alleges that you were thinking of charging for the 9/11 book. Although I disagree with that, that would have been better than nothing. However, considering the severity of the situation

    With knowledge of the facts of 9/11, we could end the wars in the middle east, and possibly seriously wound the Zionist entity.

    If I am right about your book, then it is a very important contribution to mankind. As such, it would be very, very good if you could post it. consider the following sick quotes:
    “We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force…. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”:

    And the following really sick quotes pertaining to Zionist war plans:

    We could avert the crises that those making these statements plan with widespread knowledge of 9/11.

    I sincerely hope that you take my message into consideration.

  23. After “considering the severity of the situation”, I meant to say – “I feel it is imperative to publicize it to a much greater extent.”

  24. Missing the most excellent site on the web already but totally understand the position freak boy put you in. best of luck. stay safe. here is a post I put on some site.

    “Anyway it looks like ZCF is collateral damage now. possibly fragged. I never trusted Delaney and remember stating this years ago but without solid proof left it at that.

    If you are going to take this fight to the streets, do direct battle you just made yourself a target ripe for a setup of some kind, this is war, tools of defense are needed for protection. Just look at Delaneys immature almost childlike and casual way he looks and acts. He lacks these tools compromising himself and everyone associated with him.

    Speculation? yes….. Delaney is still a dangerous loose cannon maybe worse… regardless Delaney is wrong and I personally will never visit any of his websites.”

  25. @Mike in Georgia: “That video is what I would call a “non-admission admission”; Martinson doesn’t come out and say that Delaney didn’t steal his work, but instead says just the opposite by saying that he “wishes the A D L would give him more credit”! That’s a tacit admission that he feels that Delaney gets all the credit for something that he helped significantly to produce. I bet Dick-Laney threw some schekels his way; and what a coincidence that Martinson “just happened” to be passing through Wisconsin.”

    I watched that video with JAM and I agree with your assessment of it. I’ve been familiar with JAM since he caught my attention with his youtube productions back in mid 2008 or later. I even had a group discussion with him and others on skype. This was before I was talked into making a copycat type blog (under the general title of JewWatch). It was this blog because of my facebook activities that clearly upset some Judeo-Zionists and their JDL compatriots (it was on a facebook group for Geert Wilders sponsored by the JDL, that brought about the threats and insults that led to the actions that followed, although there was at least one other who hated me for exposing the Jewish lies and was thus tracking my web activities)…it was the existence of this blog that led to my firing of a job I held for 33 yrs. It made the news, but I didn’t give them any reason to sensationalise it.

    At this time, I don’t recall much of Mike Delaney being involved, but later I noticed his collusion with JAM in making the 911 Documentary. Delaney, as far as I knew, was a former Alex Jones groupy, before he ‘saw the light’. I didn’t make much of the latter, but was happy to spread the existence of it wherever I could. I distinctly recall JAM being pissed at Delaney for taking credit for much of the work that JAM put into it, so much so, that he made a video (which I may still have in my video archives). This is not something that JAM can deny or will deny if asked straight forwardly. He seemed thereafter to float around about with activities of his own, playing with some websites (like etc., making occasional videos of a bizarre nature. Later on he appeared to be distressed, because he was under financial pressures and his notoriety was making it difficult to earn a regular income. He made one video expressing that plea for those who had uploaded his videos to take them down (I had uploaded a few and took one particular video down).

    I don’t know what Delaney’s gig is, but I remain suspicious considering his background. He seems to have gotten a lot of web presence and more means to expand his activities (which I may say are not all ‘bad’). It’s just this attitude of alienating people and his rather smug attitude from someone who hasn’t lost anything, like myself, and Arthur Topham (who in spite of his ‘Christianity’ [ lol! ] is honest, eloquent and a true combatant against the Jewish Crime Factory). So, I am left wondering how Delaney survives with his family of 6 (?) considering his notorious web presence. I asked him that question on his website about what he does for work and if he is not in fear of losing his income, because of his anti-Jewish activities. He said he was a truck driver and his wife a nurse. Since his name appears to be openly out there, he should thank his ‘luck’ that neither he, nor his wife have yet been targeted by the Jewish Crime Factory at the source of their income…ie. their jobs.

    I’m beginning to think that he is a protected agentur, unless he or anyone else can explain how such a figure with his much acrimonious hatred for Jews can survive and expand his activities with very little trouble.

  26. This is the last thing I will write in an effort to push this. For this issue, I feel no need to hide behind pseudonyms.

    You are aware, ZCF, of the factors leading to WWIII. Widespread knowledge of Israel’s role in 9/11 could avert this.

    If your final article is what you say it is, it could be sufficiently documented to penetrate the mainstream, so that items like this would not just be discussed by the fringe.

    Because as things are going now, if the current course is not altered, in the end, we will likely end up slaves of Israel or cripples and idiots from plutonium and uranium poisoning.

    This is much more important than old past items like uncovering the reality of Bolshevism or holocaust revisionism.

    It is in fact the most important item one could possibly discuss at present – that is related to these issues.

    You have the potential to make an impact. I sincerely hope you take advantage of it. Your article, should you publish it here, would not be on a website suffused with C.I. nonsense, and would be something we could freely spread (I’ll add also that your supporters would have no problems with this, since it would bypass linking to Delany).

    Should you decide to do it – your actions would be a positive contribution. They would not be in vein. They would be quite the opposite.

    The choice is yours,

    – B.

  27. Does anybody out there have an MP3 link to ZCF’s 2nd Interview with Dr. Rebecca Carley? I’ve already got the 1st one they did together on 7/7/2012. Prefer a commercial-free one if possible.

    If so, please reply to this with the URL link.


    I think it is appalling and dishonorable and amoral and disappointing for Prothink to steal ZCF’s material; and more so to release ZCF’s book. The term snake in the grass is appropriate. Sadly, Prothink Delaney has revealed himself to be a cruel unethical and perhaps desperate man convulsed with envy at ZCF’s obvious gift of clear vision; gift of precise articulation; and gift for research and productivity. They are enviable and more so to be bundled with youthful vigor and ardent interest in ferreting out the crimes of the enemy-of-mankind. Prothink had the vision to see that ZCF would inevitably depart from Prothink to greater independence. Most likely, the proportion of donations to Prothink which specified for ZCF was substantial . Perhaps MD-Prothink devised this scheme to retain the golden relics of ZCF’s labors while simultaneously disparaging their value and pretending the discussion about CI was an issue.
    Since MD has evidently displayed little interest in CI, historically, it seems unlikely it matters much . What mattered, perhaps, was simply a deepening resentment of ZCF’s critical mental capacity and the obvious possibility of comparison being made of the one man with the other. This is my pure speculation but informed by life experience, and many novels and movies.
    The simple, plain facts are that Prothink made a show of being victimized by a ZCF who putatively castigated Prothink’s [feigned?] faith in a notion of Christianity suborned to a notion of White Supremacy. Prothink then, in a demonstration of seeming righteous fury, locked ZCF out of his own website and sequestered the treasure trove of ZCF’s accumulated compositions created with the clarity, logic, and insight that are ZCF’s gift; and then Prothink claimed them as his own to possess; obviously sure to function as bait to bring in truth seekers to the Prothink website.
    There is an old saying I ran across a lot on the internet when looking for information about Jewry:
    “The Jew cries out in pain as he beats you.”
    Taking a page from the book of Jewish Tricks, Mr.Prothink has been crying out in affronted pain as he ruthlessly attacked and abused the trust ZCF had misplaced in Prothink; and abused the power he possessed to lock ZCF out of his own website which housed the remarkable fruit of his significant labor.
    What appears, sadly, most revealing of Prothink-Delaney’s true nature is his malicious and outrageous release to the public realm of the not quite finished book ZCF had been working on with much investment of time and mental focus; it is certain to be a another gemlike creation from a remarkable intellect. Once that intellect recovers from the horror of Prothink-unmasked.
    Releasing the ZCF 911 book, which Delaney clearly had no right to do, reveals such a grotesque level of spite and low mentation as to beg the question: How could this petty uncouth yet cunning man have anything to teach any seeker of truth, who may stumble upon the Prothink web apparatus, anything other than what a petty spiteful view of life is like? It was logical for Prothink to steal the work of ZCF; it is the best he could do. And indeed he is lucky to have the golden goose of ZCF’s inspiring elucidating information which demonstrated itself to be a magnet for truth seekers; doubtlessly bringing a quantity of un-acknowledged shekels into the Prothink coffers.
    ZCF is much favored by the circumstance of his having cut to the core of humanity’s affliction
    so early in life and already has accessed a big-picture understanding which has taken many others years of circuitous paths to find if found at all. Like all truly empathetic individuals his failing was to ascribe to others his own natural characteristics of truthfulness and integrity; and lacking guile himself, he did not see or understand the danger of his placing his trust in the apparently welcoming pseudo camaraderie of Brother Prothink. .It seems it would be fair to ask: with friends like Prothink, who needs enemies?
    Or such is the view from the peanut gallery in cyberspace where I sit.

  29. I do not wish to abuse my comment privileges but I have an open post for John Friend whom I have heard weigh-in on the matter at hand
    A comment for John Friend with the subtext question: What is FAIR?
    WHAT IF??
    John, please walk witme down speculation lane.
    What if you were a renter, with a good deal on the rent, and your jovial landlord was of Jewish extraction but not apparentlyreligious. And you were you, John Friend, but had a coin collection from early youth perhaps mostly pennies and nickels, some on the rare side but also you had been buying the occasional gold ounce coin for some years as a savings in a time when paper money does not inspire confidence. You are not rich at all but your several or more gold coins have gained in value substantially just in the few years you’ve had them.

    Then one day, perhaps today or yesterday or tomorrow your landlord locks you out of your rental unit and says Be gone John Friend! I have had enough of you!
    … You might be quite surprised and perhaps ask why, but most importantly you would want your possessions, especially the valuable gold coins but also your computer, TV and this and that.
    ….I am tired of you attacking my people says the landlord; I have heard you diss Jews enough. You will stay locked out forever. I will keep whatever crappy stuff you have left in your rental unit. It belongs to me. Yah, I know there’s coins, pennies and shit. Don’t give me that bull that it’s gold You had a below market rent and you diss’d my religion; your crap is mine. For all I know you have been selling drugs from your rental unit. If you had been selling drugs then my building could be seized according to the law. I have taken great risks having you as a renter with low rent.
    What? the landlord continues. Does the world owe John Friend a free ride? I have risked all because you could have been selling drugs and caused my building
    to be seized. I am lucky that hasn’t happened. Your stuff is crappy but I may find some use for it; and stop picking on us Jews.
    Oh, by the way if you want to, sure, go ahead and sue me! What are the chances of not getting a Jew judge? Or even of finding a non-Jew lawyer?
    Wait till I show how you have diss’d Jewry of which I am one!
    As for your stuff, it is crappy stuff and it is in my building.
    I own the building I own your stuff. Be glad you had a good rent you ingrate! You anti-Semite! I had one rule and only one rule “Don’t criticize Jewry”. What am I supposed to be your Jew-bitch low rent provider? While you fart around dissing Jews, breaking my one rule?


  30. Man, I just saw this article.

    Delaney had some article justifying taking the zcf website. So, I posted basically saying that even if he had the letter of the law on his side, he is eviscerating the spirit of the law. I referred to ZCF’s passion and labor and intellectual possession (I guess at best you can have equity title of THAT!).

    Well, it said awaiting moderator approval. I don’t think it ever made it.

    The schizm/fracturing that is going on is discouraging. The CI movement, if I understand it correctly, merely assigns the supremacist ideology of Judaism to (guess who? – themselves!!!) Talk about paying complete homage to the letter (read: THEIR interpretation of Scripture) rather than the spirit (read: don’t you know what love and right are? How can you subjugate them to their moral opposite, self worship?).

    Anyway, while professing a Christian belief system, albeit one quite divergent from Judaism and CI, I am 100% with you, ZCF, and applaud your idealism.

    Take Care Zander,


  31. Mr. Zander, I strongly suggest you get in contact with Jim Fetzer, who has been on a truth revealing tear lately on verboten issues such as questioning the Holocaust narrative and the real story behind WWII, and lobby for an appearance on his show. Since first encountering your (former) website and hearing your eloquent dissection of false narratives shoved down the public’s throat by the MSM and educational system on Spigola’s show I knew sooner or later your voice would be silenced in some way, if not literally then through subversion and censorship. It appears the latter has been the path chosen. Fetzer is an excellent host, no doubt your appearance would move others towards the light while striking a blow against enemy and their corrupt agent infiltrators.

  32. Yes, someone mentioned correctly, to correct the original post, that over 65% of missing links was my writing and when the ex-satanist and Delaney got together I reluctantly gave them the work, wanted nothing to do with the direction the movie was taking. He took my writing, substituted “jew” for every “israeli” or “zionist” or “ashkenazi” that I used in order to make it distasteful to the majority of the viewers and make it easy pickings for the ADL and SPLC in their diatribes. A big chunk of the remaining 35% which I did NOT write had inclusions of evidence I felt was either irrelevant or disinformation, completing the destruction/tainting of the original message. (shining light on Israel’s primary role in 9/11)

    As for the interview with Jonathan in August, I’m not entirely sure why that disappeared, kinda weird. But I believe I have it in my own archives and will upload it when my site is back up.

    Peace & Blessings

    -KV (Naveed Khan)

  33. Excuse me, that was June, not August my apologies. As for Salman Hossein, he was “gotten” in a sting operation and we (myself & prothink) decided to stay away from him because of his volatile pronouncements that he wished harm on certain individuals and collectives. I did not use Salman’s material, in fact, that’s the first I’m seeing it. Most of my info was culled from Chris Bollyn who I met in person in 2006 and a bit from Jerry Mazza. Nothing else. Bollyn is probably the no. 1 investigator of 9/11 with regards to the jewish/israeli angle. My article, published in Paranoia Magazine give both Bollyn and Jonathan credit, no one else, as I used no one else’s material.

    Most of the useful info in “missing links” related to 9/11 was copied from my work, verbatim, even the subtle nuances. I did not take that from Salman or anyone else, although, certainly, Bollyn was the prime investigator whose material i reworked into those essays for Missing Links.

    • Thanks for doing this, White Trash Brigade. It’s the truth, and the truth needs to get out to everyone. Your comment is heart-warming.

    • Now we need a picture for the “Anti-Zionist Trooftard Brigade”. Here are my suggestions for the individuals to include in the picture: Mark Glenn, Nathanael Kapner, and Michael Collins Piper.

      Mark Glenn(half-Arab on welfare with 9 kids)
      Nathanael Kapner(Halloween costume wearing rat faced Jew)
      Michael Collins Piper(fat homosexual who works for a CIA Jew)

      • Wow, Z.O.G. I got the first two prime suspects you mentioned, but Michael Collins Piper? Well, shut mah mouf!! I learned that Eustace Mullins, before he died, nailed Michael Collins Piper as a Zionist, adding no serious research ever appeared in “American Free Press”:

        [video src="" /]

        (The first half of the video is about Jew Zionist Mike Rivero, but Michael Collins Piper comes up later . . . the whole short video is tremendously interesting)

        • CharlieS & ZeeOGee: The Jewoobsy Twins. What a couple of whack offs. I do believe the two (or is it just one? maybe Siamese twins?) of you should be on Dingaling Delaney’s site not on Zander’s. Your ilk fits way better with the CI crowd. You’re both bloody Jew trolls spreading your racist shit about.

          • Who couldn’t expect with utter predictability your half-wit, juvenile remarks after I post a comment to Z.O.G.? What a fantastically bad and stupid Christian you have truly turned out to be — just as bad as Delaney and just as mean.

            I was warned ahead of time by others what a prick you were and would turn out to be, but did I listen? No . . . because, at first, you’re being Christian meant nothing to me. Your fight with the Jews up in Canada was the overriding concern. Men with broad noble minds could come together about this matter certainly . . . no? ZCF thought so and I was behind him, pushing your cause every way I could. Christian versus non-Christian: that couldn’t be as important as the fight against the Jew . . .right?

            Well, Asshole Topham, you have proven over and over again you don’t deserve any financial support for your so-called cause — Z.O.G.’s remarks (too) about you are smart, prescient and correct — because you have done nothing noble here but serve as a Jewish troll for your Jewish wife — you ungrateful SOB.

            If you had anything noble in you — except your rhetoric — you’d return the money I sent you through PayPal, pal, but no, you won’t do that — even though it’s possible and just. Why? Because, at heart, you’re just an impoverished, greedy juvenile creep with a very Jewish wife.

          • Let me put the matter even more plainly, Asshole Hamtop: you clearly take the donation money from a non-Christian for yourself and then you publicly denounce the same non-Christian on a non-Christian website whose author was also non-Christian and who, like me, wanted to support you for your non-Christian legal battle against the Jews, but since the author of the website now has left the scene, you feel free to exhibit your worst Christian hypocrisies openly and freely – like a Pharisee — showing how Christian you are by biting the very hands that have fed and supported you. No wonder CI people and you are sick elk of the same species: both are imperiled by insanity, contradiction and hypocrisy.

        • Michael Rivero! I was trying to think of a fourth person to include in the list, but Rivero slipped my mind. Thanks, Charles. So here’s the updated list:

          1. Mark Glenn (half-Arab with 9 kids who lives off welfare)

          2. Nathanael Kapner (Halloween costume wearing Christard Jew)

          3. Michael Collins Piper (fat homo whose paychecks are signed by a Jewish CIA spook)

          4. Michael Rivero (Sephardic Marrano leftard “anti-Zionist” Jew)

  34. The unrepentant thief and con-man Delaney is also guilty of identity theft. Delaney is impersonating ZCF on facebook with this page (notice Delaney posted links to the slanderous barely literate hit-pieces he attempted to write attacking ZCF):

    Jailbird Delaney also made a channel on his trutube gutter site using the name and video work of ZCF. This traitor deserves to be in fucking jail, alongside his ADL handlers.

  35. I am Snordelhans. Ole Mike Delaney has done it yet again, it seems.
    For personal reasons, and they will remain personal, I took all of my video’s down from Trutube 2 weeks ago. I deleted the whole account. Friends, videos, comments, avatar.. everything. It took me 40 minutes to do. Last I could see there was nothing to see. Occasionally I went back to check. Nothing to see.

    Today I clicked the Trutube link in bookmarks and, hey presto! there’s my account, up and running. Avatar, friends, comments, video’s are back, with one small exception… My username and password does not work. I cannot access my own account, it seems.

    Has this not happened before?

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