Prothink Mike Delaney Admits He is a Dangerous Fanatic on a Power-Trip — Threatens Violence Against ZCF

This email was forwarded to me by one of my supporters named Charles Steiner. He had exchanged several emails with Prothink concerning his betrayal and seizure of my site. In his reply to Charles, Delaney proudly confesses: “Well you are right, I am a fanatic… sure I’ve flexed my power [in this dispute with ZCF].” He then goes on to suggest that if I had said “Yahweh = JWO” (his stated reason for locking me out of my website) to him in person he would have “kicked [ZCF's] teeth in.”

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I have received word from first-hand witnesses that shortly after Prothink seized my former website he was in his Teamspeak chat-room threatening to “beat the shit out of ZCF.” Murderer William Finck was apparently in there as well cheering on Prothink as he proclaimed his lust for my blood. It is critical to point this out considering that Delaney is now using my former website to libel and slander me. He is now alleging that some “supporters” of mine have sent him death threats. Since he is damn well near a paranoid schizophrenic, he of course attributes all of this to me. I in no way advocate or condone threats against the traitor Mike Delaney. Yes, he is a despicable and atrocious betrayer with no morals, but I still don’t wish any harm to him or his family, even though he clearly is trying to harm me in more ways than one, and has threatened violence against me as you can see in the email.

But as usual, the vindictive backstabber Prothink has no proof or evidence to offer for his laughable accusations. Now it seems that this desperate and defeated con-artist is disgracefully using his family to garner sympathy for his side, posting a picture of himself, his wife and children on the front page as an emotional ploy, as if to say, “Look at me and my innocent little family — please don’t hate me for being an eternal backstabber, thief and lying slanderer.” He most likely invented the “death threats” claim to make it appear as if my supporters are the aggressive ones, when in actuality, it is his criminal camp of Christian Identity psychopaths who maliciously threaten anyone who dares to criticize their bloodthirsty beliefs. Prominent radio hosts Deanna Spingola and Charles Giuliani can attest to this reality, having received daily hate-mail from Christian Identity fanatics for years. But if Prothink is miraculously telling the truth about these alleged threats, I of course condemn such threats.

There is literally nothing that Delaney won’t say to smear me. He is behaving exactly like a cornered criminal, riddled with guilt and frantically searching for an escape route. Following the dictates of his vengeful Jewish God, Yahweh, Prothink intends to use any means necessary to drag my reputation through the dirt, all the while using the success of my former website to elicit donations for whatever lackluster and inconsequential “efforts” he intends to engage in going forward. This delusional moron actually has the nerve to accuse me of “slander”. The definition of slander is: “Oral communication of false statements injurious to a person’s reputation. A false and malicious statement or report about someone.” Everything I have said about him is the truth and he knows it. As I tell the truth, Prothink engages in bottom-feeding slander, falsely libeling me as a “non-white” and putting out other invented nonsense. He has colluded with his deranged CI accomplices to reveal private information about me like some low-life snitch working for Jewish organizations or Federal authorities. The depravity of this ex-felon knows no bounds or limits.

I do not intend to participate in some silly back and forth battle with this discredited loser — that is exactly what he wants. But his latest false implication that I may have had something to do with these alleged threats that he claims to have received, needed to be addressed. Anyone observing all of this from afar can see for themselves what a hypocrite and sleazy con-man Prostink is. He is not worth anybody’s time, and I would encourage my supporters to just ignore his desperate attacks.

There is one last thing that I ask of my supporters. Demand that Prothink remove all of my content from the Zion Crime Factory site, including all postings, articles, pages, videos, audio and everything in between. He may own the domain but he does not have the right to host my intellectual property on a site that I no longer want anything to do with. That is illegal and criminal. If he truly wants nothing to do with me, then why continue to hold my content there? You can send him an email here:

Thank you and farewell.


129 thoughts on “Prothink Mike Delaney Admits He is a Dangerous Fanatic on a Power-Trip — Threatens Violence Against ZCF

  1. Hey I was just wondering if you were going to put up your “Jew World Order Unmasked” article, because it’s wiped from the old ZCF. If you don’t upload it I have a copy of it and will post it back on my blog. I had a feeling I just had to save that article for some reason.

    • I saved several articles from ZCF as well.

      I suggest you do what I did: Link to the web archive of ZCF’s site on your blog. See my blog sidebar.

      I’d encourage ZCF to re-post his material himself, or give us free reign to re-post it. Denying the rest of us this valuable content just because Delaney is a traitorous piece of shit is not the right move.

      • Good call, I updated it now. The old ZCF is a piece of crap now with it being connected to this Christogenea crap. I knew there was something wrong with Prothink, Total Fascism, and Truth Militia. Peddling their stupid White Supremacism crap and Race baiting, trying to start a race war.

        • Just thinking about CI folks and Prothink, I already smell the stench of KKK…

          Nothing to do with NS Germany or international Waffen SS effort!

          I noticed those who peddle CI also peddle (or used to peddle) Bollyn and/or Hufschmid’s disinfo and sabotage work. These two too have attacked those who have helped revisionism and NS rehabilitation, such as: Willis Carto, Mike Piper, Mark Lane who was lawyer for Liberty Lobby, Liberty Lobby, The Spotlight, The Institute for Historical Review (before it was usurped by Mark Weber and his Mossad-Scientology gang of co-conspirators), and now The Barnes Review and American Free Press. Bullyn is attacking them for nonsensical and totally fallacious calomnious reasons. has excellent articles on Hufschmid and Bullyn as paid saboteurs.

          • Druid Said:

   has excellent articles on [Eric] Hufschmid and [Chris] Bollyn as paid saboteurs.

            Hear! Hear!

            To get a good background on that whole affair listen to Michael Collins Piper’s radio show, The Piper Report, from November 12th, 2007. Wish I had a link to that show on 11/12/2007 for you but I don’t- so you’ll just have to do as Rabbi Jone$tein says and: “Look it Up!” :)

            If anybody finds an archived link to it, how about link it under this post as a reply…

            P.S. You might wish to also check out Piper’s other shows from:

            08/23/2006 Exposes Hufschmid and DBS’s Lies
            11/12/2007 Exposes Bollyn/Hufschmid and Defends DBS (mentioned above)
            09/27/2008 Post Hufschmid/Bollyn/DBS Split
            10/01/2010 Bollyn’s 9/11 Book
            12/02/2012 Bollyn Claims Piper is a Jewish Agent

            • RE: Hufschmid/Bollyn/DBS

              Eric Hufschmid and Christopher Bollyn were the first ones who pointed out that Israel did 9-11. Their research was too close to the truth and became a threat to the Powers that be, In March, 2007 Christopher Bollyn was tasered and arrested for a trumped-up charge in his estate near Chicago. The trial was set in May; he never appeared in the court; then his whole family mysteriously disappeared (Eric Hufschmid believes the Bollyns were kidnapped by the Zionist agents in the U.S). After Bollyn’s disappearance, Eric realized his partner in the 9-11 truth movement, Daryl Bradford Smith, who asked to join Eric in 2005 and whose website was setup with Eric’s help, turned out to be an agent for the enemy side, who tried to drive a wedge between Eric and Bollyn.

              Just ask yourself, who has suffered hardship and has been under constantly attacks after Hufschmid/Bollyn/DBS split? Who has benefited and prospered since?

              The answer is obvious. Hufschmid and Bollyn are victim truthers, especially Bollyn. DBS is proved to be an agent.

              Be skeptical about what Bollyn writes and says after his captivity, consider his whole family’s survival is in the hand of his Zionist captors.

              To the honest truthers in the truth movement, be very careful whom you deal with, you are swimming among sharks in a very turbulent and treacherous water.

  2. Now it seems that this desperate and defeated con-artist is using his family to garner sympathy for his side, posting a picture of himself, his wife and children on the front page, as if to say, “Look at me and my innocent little family — don’t hate me for being an eternal backstabber, thief and lying slanderer.”

    I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw the picture of Delaney with his family. It’s such a transparent emotional ploy on Delaney’s part to gain sympathy from his former supporters. How lame and cheesy can you get?

    • Yeah, really.

      How is this not blatantly obvious to other people?

      Have the Jews succeed in annihilating almost all truly gifted Aryans? I feel like I’m alone in this sometimes.

      And really all Delaney’s family bullshit proves is he’s willing to exploit them to gain money. This is all about money for him, so he can provide for his family. He doesn’t give a shit what happens to the rest of us. He doesn’t even care about the long term struggle against Jews and other enemies. He’s an opportunist, a schemer, a charlatan.

      I’ve noted the same behavior in other movements. Short-sighted men who care more about providing money in the short run for their demanding wife and their kids than they do about really fixing things. I don’t really trust pussy-whipped “men”.

      • And really all Delaney’s family bullshit proves is he’s willing to exploit them to gain money. This is all about money for him, so he can provide for his family.

        That raises an interesting question. How does Mike Delaney support his wife and four kids? He doesn’t have a job. Does he receive welfare from the State of Michigan? Does his wife work all day while he sits at home studying the Jewish Tanakh(“Old Testament”)?

    • “That raises an interesting question. How does Mike Delaney support his wife and four kids? He doesn’t have a job. Does he receive welfare from the State of Michigan? Does his wife work all day while he sits at home studying the Jewish Tanakh(“Old Testament”)?”

      The sweet caress of twilight

      There’s MAGIC everywhere

      And with all this romantic atmosphere

      DISASTER’s in the air!

      – The Lion King

  3. PLEASE release your 9/11 book. Mike Delaney’s B.S. is horrendous, but leaving that contribution, perhaps the apex of your work, unread, is also horrendous. That work is more important than personal feuds.

    • Hear! Hear!

      This may sound a little goofy as many of us have been “out of the loop” so to speak the past few weeks, but just curious:

      1. Can any of us prove WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that ZCF is still alive?

      2. Can any of us prove WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that Michael Delaney is still alive?

      If the real ZCF is in fact now in control of this new site ( then please help us to answer those two questions above.

      • In case anyone is interested…

        There’s censoring going on- on both sides.

        ZCF’s old site, which is supposedly now being run by the real Michael Delany, and ZCF’s new site, which is purportedly run being run by the real ZCF.

        A first for this commenter when it comes to the real ZCF, anybody else getting censored here? Let us know wherever you can if your reply to this gets canned.

  4. He is now alleging that some “supporters” of mine have sent him death threats. Since he is damn well near a paranoid schizophrenic, he of course attributes all of this to me.

    But as usual, the vindictive backstabber Prothink has no proof or evidence for his laughable accusations.

    He most likely invented the “death threats” claim to make it appear as if my supporters are the aggressive ones, when in actuality, it is his criminal camp of Christian Identity psychopaths who maliciously threaten anyone who dares to criticize their bloodthirsty beliefs.

    But his latest false implication that I may have had something to do with these alleged threats that he claims to have received, needed to be addressed.

    I don’t believe for a minute that Delaney received any death threats from your supporters, or anyone else for that matter. This is obviously a case of Delaney psychologically projecting his own disturbed emotional mindset onto you. Anyone who has had any online dealings with Christian Identity cranks can tell you that they frequently resort to threats of violence whenever their irrational beliefs are called into question.

  5. J3133 says: “Everyone who reads this should post a link on their blog to spread the message. THAT is how we will make sure everyone who needs to know the true character of Mike Delaney finds out before they are led astray by him.”

    I totally agree and fully intend to post the link everywhere and anywhere i can think of. ADLaney needs to be exposed for the sleazy, thieving backstabber that he is. And not for one second do I believe that any of ZCF’s supporters ever threatened ADLaney–that just strikes me as a desperate ploy from a pathetic loser who knows he has been exposed as a traitorous scumbag. It’s too late–the truth is out about him and the pyschopathic murderer, William Fink, and his talking donkey cultists.

  6. ZCF,

    I am extremely saddened to hear that you have decided to stop putting out your topnotch work. I hope that after you have had a time to cool off and get over all this nonsense, you will reconsider and continue putting out articles (or your short videos– those were what woke me up and got me out of Alex Jonestown).

    In regards to Delaney, he’s said that he is a “stay-at-home dad”; quite laughable that this guy (who dresses like a wigger, by the way) has his wife out there working all day while he admittedly trolls around on the internet to see if anyone is bashing his CI insanity.

    CI= “we hate Jews, but only because we are the real Jews” HAH.

  7. Anyone who complains about dirty laundry and dignity in an attempt to prevent ZCF from defending himself from Delaney is a disingenuous traitorous scumbag, an enemy to whites.

    Where were you when Delaney did what he did? SILENT.

    Fucking hypocrite.

    • I’m still waiting for my comment to be posted. I provided links to a silly claim being made on Friend’s website that ZCF posted he wasn’t white. I don’t know what the hold up is but Delaney provides a link to it on his sorry arse need for attention article!

  8. ZCF why not file a Digital Millenium Copyright Act complaint against that Curly Howard look alike-kike’s ISP? If that stubby little shit wrote about me as he did you, you can bet your last dollar I’d show up at his front door to clean his clock.

      • Yep. It’s pretty clear that Mike Delaney and his associates have been instructed by their handlers to obtain the names and identities of people who post on anti-Jewish blogs and forums. They’re pushing very heavily for that right now.

  9. Delaney’s latest post is so goddamned stupid. He’s acting like the topic is open for debate while admitting in other conversations that he will delete posts he disagrees with. Once again he is giving people the illusion that he is just an innocent victim, a swell guy. Just replace CI with jew and you have the same story all over again. A jew has never done anything wrong. Nor did JEWthink. It’s so laughable.

  10. Hey ZCF, its Dana man, and without even reading this cause i’m heading off to work, I just wanted to say that I’m with you man 100%! Please come on my show, Axis of Light on TruthMilitia some time. I can’t stand CI, and I’m glad that this whole thing really shows where they’re at. I also support Guliani’s position regarding these things.

    • Those Truth Militia dudes apparently keep censoring all my shit, now that I’ve outed Delaney and Anglin for the evil pieces of poo they are. Ask ‘em about me, will ya?

      I also sent you a message on FB the other day.

      • Yes, for some reason Truth Militia is sticking with Delaney, even after he posed as a troll on their very own chat to bait people into in-fighting. Very strange mix of people. I really enjoyed your well received “Quote of the Week” they posted and have followed your writings since. Thanks J3133 for keeping the messages clear, simple, and sane.

      • Thanks VanSky. I suspect the Truth Militia dudes have good intentions but also want to make money and create shock value. I don’t think they are thoroughly corrupt like Delaney and Anglin, and perhaps even in the future will wise up. But who knows, I could be wrong. They’re certainly not very mature if they’re censoring my posts there intentionally. And I really wasn’t impressed with the level of discussion there either. I responded more to my own post than other people combined. And within a few hours probably, the TM guys were posting something new. Promoting t-shirts. Promoting radio shows. It doesn’t seem like a site intent on doing activism or encouraging discussion. More like a site for entertainment and truth telling, not really activism. Which is alright, if the guys really have the best of intentions in mind. But you can’t really count on guys like that if they will ally with a guy like Delaney just for $$.

      • Those deuchbags took Delaney’s faulty advice about banning ‘trolls’ which basically means people that disagree with you. They are amateurs and and admitted rhoid shooters. Generally most people I know who are on rhoids are wimps with attitudes.

      • Delaney’s claiming I’m ZCF now? Funny guy.

        There was a poster over at my website who did the same thing. Seemed to know a lot about ZCF’s old blog, apparently he used the same or similar theme as I am currently using for my blog.

        It was probably Delaney.

        Also, I suspect all the incoherent spamming in the comments over at about ZCF being non-white, which Delaney now quotes directly at, is actually Delaney’s own nonsense as well. He simply couldn’t help posting his own gibberish due to his narcissism.

        Anyway, no, I’m not ZCF. Just another lie out of the mouth of a born liar, meant to assassinate both my character and ZCF’s. Though I admit, Delaney might even think he’s right about that. He really is that stupid/insane.

        • “Delaney’s claiming I’m ZCF now? Funny guy.”

          Well I’m not surprised. Mike Delaney is a dangerously delusional person. He probably also believes that half of the emails he gets are from me. He has consistently contrived pure bullshit about me and convinced himself that it’s true. Since he seized my former website on the 4th I’ve only sent him two emails in which I simply asked him for a transfer of my content to another host. Delaney declined to do so (here is a screenshot of the exchange), and he thus DELIBERATELY escalated this situation, and then promptly embarked on a vicious public campaign of libel and slander against me, and conspired with his criminal Christian Identity brethren to release private info about me like some scum-ridden Federal snitch working for ZOG.

          Delaney is a traitorous, treacherous, backstabbing, conniving, lying, thieving, vengeful, vindictive, slanderous, libelous, tyrannical, genocidal maniac who associates closely with a sadistic convicted killer. He is a convicted felon himself, a former car thief/drug dealer. As others have noted, Delaney is borderline-illiterate trailer trash. The whole world is laughing at this rotten low-life.

          And for the record, I am NOT the blogger j3133.

          – ZCF

          • Oddly, these Truth Militia guys are siding with him. They are extremely reactionary and one of them flies off the handle and berated a woman who called in to stick up for you, ZCF. It was an extremely ugly display and not something I want to be associated with. This whole CI thing just poisons the well. I guess it goes to show you that anyone who adheres to the Old Testament in a literal sense will have their fragile minds warped. Keith and Rich came out against organized religion early on and now they are kissing up to Delaney and company. It’s all very strange.

        • Just know that the majority of people including myself are on ZCF’s side over at Grizzom. There are bunch of ‘anonymous’ posters who are often times very obvious. I’m pretty certain he’s posting over there and has sent in a few of his criminal goons also.

  11. Mission accomplished. Looks like Delaney cleaned up his act: no more intellectual property owned by the real ZCF is being touted or pilfered.

      • No, not a hero in the least, j3133. He could have gone on being the jerkwad he is by keeping ZCF’s stuff and trying to build a reputation for himself (falsely) on ZCF’s hard work, but he stopped. That’s all. Just one arrow has been plucked from ZCF’s side is all I was trying to communicate. ZCF asked it to be stopped. Did you send Mike Delaney the email request ZCF asked you to?

      • BTW, I liked your comment to Z.O.G. (below) about traditional Christian values and I think you made a valuable strong point. It’s well-taken. Your essay doesn’t “sell” God or Jewsus, however. That’s a problem for traditional Christians who need that sort of thing — along with strong life-sustaining values for the man, woman and family. Strong values identical to Christian values without a God won’t fly with any Christian.

  12. Mike and Andre were better off as being inner-city Wiggers…

    …now u’re outed as an errand boy for Bruce Gorman, FBI asset Pastor Eli Joseph James,

    Mike D and Andre A remind me of the KKK parody that Dave Chapelle had years ago – the Blind Black leader of the KKK…

    Andre looks like he got some Black or Native Blood….a complete thug wanna be….

    and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike D also has some Native blood….

    once they come to the realization that they are not pure whites, perhaps each one of them can bust a cap in their craniums…call it collective suicide if you like

    Salman Hossain

  13. I don’t like to brag about shit…but here’s my role in Missing Links…

    I had to educate that ghetto trash cum White Supremacist Mike Delaney on the joos…

    One Third of the Info/Script for Missing Links was given by ME to Mike D from a University of Toronto paper I had written at the end of 2007/early 2008 – back when I was in Canada…

    JAM Jr. made the video Missing Links… Mike D did the part about the Liberty and whats his name Khanverse did the part on the US Embassy bombings in Egypt – I focused superficially on those but the bulk of the info I provided for Mike’s video was on the main perps for 9-11 – I still got backup copies of that essay if anyone is interested in reading it…. I have the email transcripts to PROVE it that I sent it to Mike…

    Mike shoulda been better working for Alex Jones…

    we don’t need wigger turned White Supremacist clowns for this cause….

    Missing Links is primarily the work of JAM and a good chunk of research provided by me to Mike Delaney…remember the part in the video where credits are given to “independent investigators”?

    well I’m one of those researchers that helped Mike out in 2008…now I consider him a lost cause…totally useless to our struggle…

    Salman Hossain

  14. Keith and Rich at Truth Militia are such rhoid-raging dumbasses. Keith the drama queen is berating ZCF and co for threatening Mike Delaney. This guy is so stupid he doesn’t even check his facts as there is no proof to these allegations. This is how stupid these guys are. Theyclaim to be anti-religious, yet they choose sides with Delaney because Rich has a ‘feeling’ that Delaney is the real deal. Just like Delaney having a ‘hunch’ that Charles Giuliani is a bad guy. They keep saying “so what if Delaney is CI”. But what they don’t say is “so what if Delaney betrayed ZCF”.

    What morons.

  15. Hey bro, I called up on Rich and Keith’s show to mention about your site being redirected, and they both defended Delaney, basically saying the exact opposite and reverse of what you have here – being that the site was started by and paid by Delaney, and that you have no right to it – and that you were threatening his family. I should’ve said, even if Delaney paid for it, its still your work and he has now right to shut you out of it. It should all be taken down if that is the case. My bias against CI and the type of people it attracts still tells me to go with my instincts and side with you. We have to have a conversation. Please email me.

    • Hey bro, I called up on Rich and Keith’s show to mention about your site being redirected, and they both defended Delaney, basically saying the exact opposite and reverse of what you have here

      I’ll add them to the list of backstabbing betrayers. The list keeps growing by the day.

  16. the whole thing about calling you a “non-white” sounds like typical CI behavior as well. I really don’t want to get caught in the middle of this – i don’t know who threatened who, or what. all i saw was you not being able to get into your own site and it redirected to Finck’s and that bothered me.

    • Dana, I caught a couple of your shows over at TUT thought they were quite good and could see you and ZCF working well together. Just an idea. if you can contact him? or maybe wait till he gets his stuff out there again.

  17. Hey Arseeus, it seems to me that there is a lot of going back and forth here. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only patient guy in this thing. Rich and Keith have waffled back and forth on many issues, I’ll admit, and while they have been attacked they have done a lot of attacking at others in return – it wasn’t long ago that they had it out with Mike before they made up. Right now we’re all on good terms, but we’ll see how long that lasts – so far they don’t have any problem with me despite our differences. I have to agree – if Delaney paid for the site, and its still ZCF’s work, that is a problem.
    to Z.O.G. “I don’t believe for a minute that Delaney received any death threats from your supporters, or anyone else for that matter. This is obviously a case of Delaney psychologically projecting his own disturbed emotional mindset onto you. Anyone who has had any online dealings with Christian Identity cranks can tell you that they frequently resort to threats of violence whenever their irrational beliefs are called into question.” – I have to agree with this
    to StopChasingGhosts: Good call, I updated it now. The old ZCF is a piece of crap now with it being connected to this Christogenea crap. I knew there was something wrong with Prothink, Total Fascism, and Truth Militia. Peddling their stupid White Supremacism crap and Race baiting, trying to start a race war.” I have to agree with this also. However, to be fair, I have never followed this line of thinking, and nor has Siegfriend or John Friend, although John Friend was the the one who brought the CI into the mix in the first place. I think there is a difference between discussion of the race problem and how it relates to the greater jewish problem as opposed to race-baiting. I have said on numerous occasions I do not want a race-war, but rather, cooperation between races all against the jew – and I have been encountering a lot of resistance. on TotalFascism, you can see all my comments supporting theuglytruth and in general confrontation with Andre over the issue of alliance with other peoples, etc. Andre and John Friend are not CI, but they, like Carolyn Yeager, have relationships with these people, which is too bad because I consider all three to have good-intentions.

    • You have a good head on your shoulders and it was good of you to call in and stand your ground concerning ZCF. Keith’s knee-jerk reaction/attack on ZCF was uncalled for. I really doubt anyone will be interviewing ZCF any time soon. I believe these CI tards set out to destroy him, to shut him up for good by exercising every dirty tactic they could think of in a very jewish supremacist fashion.

  18. “Very much so. Carolyn Yeager was harassing me a week ago claiming I’m a “queer” because I post anonymously and expect women to act like women: – Ya i’ll tell you, i like Carolyn but I dislike her association with Finck, and she has deleted my comments about this. I agree that we shouldn’t give up our positions to the enemy, but I think anonymous postings within websites do encourage bad behavior.
    you also said “Thanks VanSky. I suspect the Truth Militia dudes have good intentions but also want to make money and create shock value. I don’t think they are thoroughly corrupt like Delaney and Anglin, and perhaps even in the future will wise up.” Well, as for this, I will say I am disappointed with the way things are going – it seems like to some extent much of the controversy and in-fighting was self-perpetuating – I think they are good guys but Keith is inexperienced, he isn’t from the movement, and makes judgements on things I would say he is not always versed in – however, he has less dogmatic as a stance as Rich, which although I agree with on a lot of things, we differ on strategy and the angle of attack. Siegfried is great, no real difference there. John Friend is a good guy, he is friends with Azaziah on theuglytruth, but he didn’t seem to try and defend them like I did (i haven’t been doing shows on there in a while, but not because of anything to do with truthmilitia) – you guys can all read my comments in Andre’s blog TotalFascism in the necessity of white nationalism, the anti-A3P hit piece, and the one against “anti-Zionists” where he used a neo-con Jew phrase/terminology of calling Mark Glenn a “terrorist kingpin,” which was idiotic. This will all come out in future shows, and I am going to try and not mention names or make anything ad hominem/person. I plan on doing a whole show against CI very soon for my own amusement, from a historical perspective. I think its important for our race not to fall prey to lies and traps, most people who are intelligent enough should be able to figure out this for themselves. my real beef is with truth v. lie, not christianity. CI is an attempt not to break Christianity from Judaism, but to tie them together, not very far or different from Christian Zionism.

    • Looking forward to your show on CI.

      Side note: Siegfried is a good guy. I really enjoyed the show that Sieg and Kyle did recently. That’s how radio should be done imo.

    • People need to learn: You can’t trust people who aren’t trustworthy. If they are disloyal once, they will be disloyal again.

      I’ve learned this. I’ve had experience with these same types of situations. I’ve even made amends with those who betrayed me, only to be betrayed again later when I found out more truths they didn’t want aired.

      The fact is anyone who sides with Delaney either is a shill or a useful idiot, too naive to know who to trust, and therefore cannot be trusted themselves, nor relied upon.

      There’s not going to be any reconciliation with these types. Who needs ‘em anyway? We need the people, not these wanna-be subversives, fakes, money-making schemers, who want to take our people and run them off a cliff with their “brilliant strategies”.

      None of these people can be relied upon. They don’t know how to judge character, or they just don’t care. They can NEVER be included in a core group of real activists, for they will tear apart cohesion from within, as they already have.

      You shouldn’t get involved in this group in a big way, trying to be in a “leadership” role, if you can’t handle it. That just indicates you aren’t responsible and mature enough to lead anyone or direct our strategy whatsoever.

    • Dana Antiochus Said:

      CI [Christian Identity] is an attempt not to break Christianity from Judaism, but to tie them together, not very far or different from Christian Zionism.

      Word Up…

      Question# 14. Is there any difference between the Jehovah of the Jews and the Divine Father of Jesus as worshiped by the Christians?

      Answer — There is a difference so vast as to render them practically two different personages. The word Jehovah is the modern English rendering of the Hebrew term for the Midian tribal deity, Yahvah. Moses, after he had murdered two Egyptians for their treatment of an Israelite, fled to Midian, a district across the Red Sea, south of the Land of Goshen. There he married a Midian wife and became a sheepherder. Jehovah or Yahvah was the neighborhood god of the Midianites whom Moses seized upon, and utilized, in his later politico-racial exploits back among the Egyptians. Moses claimed that this little tribal god, with all his provincial hates and lusts, was the One Lord God of all the universe. This last could only be interviewed by Moses in person, or by Aaron or his Levites when Moses wasn’t around. Christ came, and got Himself hated unto crucifixion, by standing this narrow and fallacious notion of the deity on its head. Christ said that the Lord God was Universal Spirit, and that man needed no paid priest or elaborate temple ceremonials to commune with Him. This threatened the whole basic foundation of Judaism, since it counseled the masses that priests were dispensable.

      Furthermore, Christ taught that the Lord God was the Father of all mankind, Jew and Gentile alike. This was insufferable to the Israelites, who had a personal monopoly on the Creator, He being their original tribal deity and they being His particular devotees. In the Ebionitic attempts to reconcile the two identities, however, early church fathers mixed the two deities hopelessly, and filled the Bible full of contradictions and paradoxes. See answer to Question 38: Who were the Ebionites?

      Question# 38. Why does the Bible, as the “Inspired Word of God,” persistently represent Christ as being a Jew?

      Answer — Because the Biblical manuscripts, comprising the Old and New Testaments as we know them today, were written under Jewish auspices, by writers striving to reconcile the prophecies of the Hebraic Old Testament with the astounding and not-controllable spread of the new Christianity. Obviously, if Christianity continued to grow and strengthen, in time it would supersede and exterminate Judaism altogether. So the Judaists got busy and worked out a clever ruse that, in practice, came to be called Ebionitism. They “tied into” the aggressive and expanding new religion by preaching that Christianity was the outgrowth of Judaism. Because Christianity was built upon a blanket castigation of everything Judaistic, to be an utter Christian one had to go through the same process and first be a Judaist. After one had first acknowledged everything Judaistic, including the priority of authority of the law of Moses, the authenticity of the Hebrew prophets and prophecies, and the whole patriarchal background of Judaism, then one was ready to take the next step into Christianity. Thus, one of the most important tenets of this atrocious subversion was to make the text impress upon the would-be convert’s mind that even Jesus Himself was born a Jew. Therefore if there hadn’t been any Jews, there wouldn’t have been any Jesus, and if there hadn’t been any Jesus, there wouldn’t have been any Christian religion. This subversion and rewriting of the sacred text was carried to so bold a point that in one place it is crassly and satanically stated that . . . “salvation is of the Jews!” Salvation is nothing of the sort. Salvation is of the Christ, and the Holy Spirit! To explain the point in the modern scene, it is like saying that after a few hundred years the German Jews will get together and subvert the whole Nazi program in history by giving it out that Hitler was a Jew — because he lived, operated, and instructed in German-Jewish Germany — and that one couldn’t become a good Nazi without first subscribing to the tenets of predatory Jewry, because otherwise what would Nazism have had, to be different from or agitate against?

      Question# 39. What was Ebionitism?

      Answer — The subversive instructors, sent out by the Jerusalem authorities to imbed such notions in the minds of early Christian converts, were called Ebionites. It was their job and commission to make the very Judaism against which Christ inveighed, the foundation and background of the new Christian theology. Christ must be made to say that He came “to fulfill the law of Moses.” Thereby the law of Moses became quite as essential to the new religion as did Christ. And so on, throughout a hundred scriptural passages. Again, we can compare it to the Jews of a hundred years hence making Hitler to say “I came to fulfill the law of Karl Marx!” These Ebionites had their headquarters in the Greek city of Pella, so that they would not be openly recognized as subversive missionaries for the Jerusalem Sanhedrinists. And it was in, or near, Pella that the New Testament manuscripts were compiled. The Apostle Paul once cut up an awful shindy about the mischief of Ebionitism, and said that the Doctrine of the Trinity had nothing whatsoever to do with Judaism. It was a clean-cut departure from it. Yet when the Gospels came to be translated into other languages for our modern world, the New Testament Gospels were dyed dripping wet with the subvertings and deceptions of Ebionitism. Christian people today who say, “Yes, I know the Jews crucified Christ, and I know He said some atrocious things against them; also I know that Jews are practically wrecking our United States with their crazy incompetence — all the same we have to remember that they are God’s Chosen People, “ — these are but modern Ebionites, acquiescing to the very doctrine that the Sanhedrin went to much trouble and expense to promulgate and get incorporated into the Christian’s “holy” books.

      —William Dudley Pelley, The 45 Questions Most Frequently Asked About the Jews ©1939

  19. Yea Dana

    I think you might have said enough. (Or to much), It is quite obvious that your team mates Truth Militia has taken sides in this issue. I hope there isn’t anymore fall out from this religious scuable.

    ZCF the damage is down, people have taken sides. It looks like mike took all your intellectual property off his site.

    ZCF the only solution i can see for this issue is Mike give you the domain name back to you, and you find another guy in the USA to provide the domain for you.. If mike would do that it would be a positive step.

  20. “I have no hesitation in saying that in those men who seek today to embroil the patriotic (National Socialist) movement in religious quarrels I see worse enemies of my country than the international communists…For it is in the interests of the Jews today that the energies of the patriotic (National Socialist) movement should be squandered in a religious debate and conflict…While we were exhausting ourselves in religious wars the others were acquiring their share of the world.” – Mein Kampf

  21. Upon reading the letter/email, I would say this – i agree in general on his stance that we shouldn’t go out of our way to be divisive or attack Christianity, and that in the end we should use it. CI however, is not a Judaic-free Christianity – it embraces the full package, with the simple addition or editing job of exchanging/replacing the Israelites with Aryans, and the Jews with Edomites, Esau, Moab, etc. They are indeed supremacists, no different than the Orthodox Jews in Israel. On the same claim that Creativity is supremacist – point taken, absolutely. On the point that 98% of the time white racialists can’t get along, that is another good point, and I understand his doubtful attitude about working with other races. The key thing is, its the TYPE of white racialist that matters, quality over quantity – any intelligent, loyal, mature, and noble Aryan racialist will indeed be able to fight and fight hard/smart with his fellow warriors, as well as with any other soldiers against ZOG and the ultimate enemy, regardless who they might be. This is a fact. Because SO MANY unfortunately have the level of children in this movement, yes, I can see why many would question my strategy. I will show you in the future how it will work, and how it will BE THE FUTURE. We will triumphant, and sort the race problem out AFTER the Jew is disposed of. AVE, Dana Antiochus

    • – i agree in general on his stance that we shouldn’t go out of our way to be divisive or attack Christianity, and that in the end we should use it.

      See, that’s where you’re wrong. Do you know anything about Christianity? I don’t think you do, because if you did then you would already realize the futility of attempting to employ a Jewish religion to combat Jewish power. The very idea is absurd on its face.

    • I agree with you Dana,

      I don’t like CI at all, other then there stance on trying to perseve the white race for future generations. I can find common ground with that.

      It seems to me alot of bullshit that went on here, after hearing both sides of the story I just don’t give a fuck about the drama anymore. I just know a good website was taken down cause of some religious argument. This information and how it gets out shouldn’t be based upon emotions, or if some belives in a invisible guy in the sky.

      The golden rule should be let’s get the information out!!

      If Delaney would just have givin ZCF all rights to his intellectual property on his site, and told ZCF to take your domain name and find another host for Zion Crime Factory. And gave him 30 days or so to get off his server for trashing his bible beliefs, This shit would have never happened..

      • “I just know a good website was taken down cause of some religious argument.”

        More accurately, you know that a good website was taken down because Mike Delaney and crew are shitty people who don’t care a whit about the future of the white race, or they wouldn’t have done it and supported it still today.

      • Corollary:

        We better learn from this and stop trusting people who have no integrity.

        As Dana said: “The key thing is, its the TYPE of white racialist that matters, quality over quantity – any intelligent, loyal, mature, and noble Aryan racialist will indeed be able to fight and fight hard/smart with his fellow warriors, as well as with any other soldiers against ZOG and the ultimate enemy, regardless who they might be.”

  22. is ZCF’s work. If Delaney is an honest player, he will hand over the domain name if asked.

    The key thing is, its the TYPE of white racialist that matters, quality over quantity – any intelligent, loyal, mature, and noble Aryan racialist will indeed be able to fight and fight hard/smart with his fellow warriors, as well as with any other soldiers against ZOG and the ultimate enemy, regardless who they might be.

    Absolutely. And Delaney has demonstrated over and over again what kind he is. When he talks about unity, I wonder if he really does realize how extremely divisive his actions have been. Delaney transitioned from listening to Alex Jones to the loony extremes of “everyone is a Jew agent” and “we Whites are the real Jews!”.

  23. j3133, in response to your comment about needing Christians on our side, I’m going to copy and paste a few comments that someone else made on another site.

    Before you draw conclusions about the usefulness of Christianity as a vehicle for White racial preservation, you need to read the Breivik manifesto.

    First, in the name of Christian Universalism, for instance, he advocates treating all Christians as Europeans, no matter what their race, and even bringing non-White Christians into his Templar Crusade.

    Basically, Breivik’s concern for preserving Nordics is trumped by his Christian universalism. If all the Muslims in Norway converted to Christianity, he would have no objection to them.

    Second, in the name of Christian universalism, Breivik envisions crusades into the Middle East to help the local Middle Eastern Christians. So Europeans will spill their blood to help the genetic first cousins to Europe’s Muslim invaders, so long as the beneficiaries are Christians.

    This is the logic of Christian universalism at work. Blood is particular. But Christianity is universal. Blood is natural. But Christianity aims higher than nature. Thus Christian brotherhood always trumps and undermines blood brotherhood.

    It is possible to hold conflicting values without problems as long as they are merely in one’s mind, as abstractions never tested in the real world. The problems emerge when you try to live by them, then they actually do come into conflict, and you actually do have to decide which value trumps which.

    Say that you are a devout Christian, and your daughter wants to marry a devout Black Nigerian Christian. You now have a conflict between blood-based values and Christian universal values.

    Which is more important to you: maintaining genetic distinctness or honoring the universal community of the church? If a Black man is worthy of sharing heaven with you, through accepting Jesus Christ as his savior, then why should he not be worthy of sharing the same neighborhood with you, the same public transportation, the same church, the same water fountain—or holy wedlock with your sister? Or do you think that there will be Jim Crow in heaven?

    You can’t refute theological-philosophical arguments about principles by citing historical facts about the beliefs of confused people who did not grapple with the theological and philosophical points I am making either. It is just an attempt to change the subject in the guise of answering an objection. But you know better than that.

    Christianity will not be dead until its secular offspring, liberal universalism, is dead as well. But you know that, don’t you?

    Christian fanatics are precisely the ones who believe that blood differences don’t matter. One can work with lukewarm or confused Christians, or people who are racists first and Christians second. But you can’t work with real Christians, because they take their supernatural universalism seriously, which pits them against blood brotherhood wherever and whenever it conflicts with the supernatural brotherhood in Christ which is the Church.

    Judaism is an ethnocentric religion. Racism is just a form of ethnocentrism. Christianity is a universalistic religion. Paul, who is part of the Bible and therefore part of Christianity, makes it clear that the differences of blood and nation make no difference once one enters into the universal brotherhood of the Church. Christianity is therefore anti-ethnocentric, anti-xenophobic, and anti-racist—even if “racism” was not a word at the time.

    This means that all kinds of men can share heaven. Now, if a black Christian is good enough to share heaven with, on what grounds is he not good enough to share your neighborhood, water fountain, or city bus? On what grounds can you deny that he can enter holy matrimony, one of the sacraments of the church, with your sister or daughter?

    Good luck to you. There is nothing we need more than a Racial Reformation of the Church, and only practicing Christians can provide it.

    The Churches have always been willing to compromise with the Zeitgeist because ultimately their kingdom is not of this world. Once a racialist Zeitgeist re-emerges, we will hear less and less about Christian anti-racism.

    But if we get that genie back in the bottle, we will always have to be eternally vigilant, lest it escape again. Because Christian universalism is, in fact, opposed to racialism and thus will always pose a danger.

    • Christianity did undermine racial exclusivity for nearly 2,000 years. Racial and subracial differences were no bar to marriage, as long as both parties were Christian. Christianity spread in the racially and culturally mixed seaports around the Mediterranean, to the lowest strata of society, which included slaves and freedmen of all races. Of course we do not have records of these people’s marriages, but surely the church blessed many miscegenating matches from the very beginning.

      We have better records from later times, when Christianity was the dominant religion of Europe. Here are just a couple of random examples. In the 8th century, the Byzantine Emperor Constantine the V married Irene of Khazaria, a daugher of the Khazar Khagan. Their son, Leo IV, also called Leo the Khazar, ruled the empire from 775 to 780. But Constantine himself was no Greek or Roman. His family were from Syria, but they married into the Byzantine ruling class. Because of Christianity, the Byzantine Empire had lost its ethnically Roman and Greek character by the early 8th century, taking on instead a heavily near-Eastern (Armenian and Syrian ethnic composition). The later Phyrigian and Macedonian dynasties were actually Armenian, and they married their sons and daughters to the Frankish and Russian aristocracies. Indeed, Grand Duke Vladimir of Kiev Christianized himself and the Rus in order to marry Anna, the daughter of Romanos II, in the late 10th century.

      Race mixing has, of course, increased with the greater mobility of populations. But wherever Christians of different races and subraces existed together in the past, the Church has been willing to bless their matches.

      Jews, of course, are not Europeans, yet the Church has blessed marriages between Jewish converts to Christianity and European Christians, and these sorts of matches must have been quite common in the early years of the Church.

      And of course the Crusades, in which Europe spilled the blood of generations of its finest and fairest Frankish nobles for the freedom of Near Eastern Christians, could hardly be said to be in the genetic interests of Europeans.

    • From the Jews issue the slanders against Christians.

      —Tertullian (150~220-240AD), one of the Great Latin Apologists and Attackers of Gnosticism as quoted in one of his many masterful works entitled: Ad Nationem

      • From the Christians issue the slanders against everybody, including other Christians who don’t “believe” the correct way.

  24. I gotta say, I’m optimistic as to the future of our movement from seeing the comments posted here. I’ve been trying to get through to the truth militia guys, but to no avail, getting my comments deleted constantly for my big issues with the shyster delaney. I’ve been backing up J3133 on TM and Mami’s, sharing his same thirst for the truth about our supposed “leaders” and for real solutions, of course getting deleted, along with his comments on TM. Dana, you’re showing some true integrity throughout this situation, which would be nice to say about the others, but it just wouldn’t fit. Personally I enjoy your show the most because of it’s intellectual angle, which I can see some great things arising from in the future. Your last show in particular with Wolf WallStreet was a knockout, and hopefully some of our less-thinking-inclined Aryans can learn a thing or two from you guys and also from the types of conversations we’re having now. As far as I can see, we have tens of thousands, if not millions including the humane non-whites, that are well-educated on the jewish problem, and a “purge” so to speak regarding these shills and cronies was highly necessary if we’re going to streamline our message and move into the ACTION phase of our movement. Keep it up brothers.

  25. -ZCF! check it out, made a video titled (Prothinks Mike “A.D.L” Delaney exposed (admits he worships YHWH and Israel) muahaha. We got your back.

    • Hey, everyone! I must apologize. My earlier announcement about Delaney cleaning up his act was false and much too superficial a conclusion.

      Apparently, this 40-year-old punk with his inadequate G.E.D. education merely deleted ZCF’s pages from public view though anyone can find them if he does a search on the website. All that writing of emails I and others have done has only forced Delaney merely to pretend he is capable of doing the right thing! It’s all about appearances, folk!

      Isn’t it fitting that his response to a moral — and legal — matter such as this is merely to hide the treasures he has stolen and stuff them in the back closet of his website, so to speak, away from plain sight of the public, but still available — for a profit? Work that was and is not his own and that he never paid for?

      Didn’t this dim-witted criminal say in video he’s not in this “movement” for profit? Didn’t he say such BS to everyone’s face? How dare he con the public by stating he is a man of his word! He’s a conniving profiteer, a liar, and a hypocrite! And we’re only scratching the surface!

      I posted my angry comment on his website and I know it will remain “awaiting moderation” until this criminal is gone and his website is made defunct.

      • Haha yeah my comments also are “awaiting moderation”, he also posted my e-mail i.p adress and location! Dudes on a religious rampage lol.

        • “posted my e-mail i.p adress and location”

          Where’d he do that?

          Just more proof these jerks (Delaney, Andrew Anglin, Carolyn Yeager) are just trying to get people to reveal their real names and faces to expose us so they and their Jew allies can attack us.

          Meanwhile Delaney is claiming he’s getting “death threats”.

          My ass. The only stupid, aggressive, vindictive people here are Delaney and pals. Evil people.

        • That’s pretty scary.I think people from countries with ”hate-speech” laws should be carefull when they visit the fake ZCF site.

          I stopped going there since the first time it linked me to some retarded C.I. site.Anything even mildly associated with C.I. or their allies are best to be avoided and boycotted imo.

          • Anything even mildly associated with C.I. or their allies are best to be avoided and boycotted imo.

            Does that include The Information Underground forum? Because it’s been taken over by assorted Christian Identity and “traditional” Christian idiots. The guy who runs the forum, “CrackSmokeRepublican”, is a Christian Identity kook.

            • In short, yes.I have to say I’ve learned quite a lot over there but the overwhelming Christian contingent really put me off.

              CSR is C.I.?Either way, The Christian Underground is history for me.Recently I went there to check if Lindsey had posted something regarding ZCF and I found some Christians making acusations against ZCF and Giuliani, without backing it up of course.I posted a short comment (stupid mistake) and I got smacked with the Jew-book.

              I won’t be wasting my time there anymore.

  26. Hello my name is Adrian Wilde – –

    I’ve been reading your work since pretty much ZCF came online, you’re the next

    big name Revisionism, do you know this? Many people can see it, your research

    is top-notch. If I were you I wouldn’t stop now — the battle is just beginning things

    are just gearing up.

    You said..

    “As someone of European descent I am strongly pro-European, and wish for all

    European and European-majority countries to be preserved as such, just as I

    support the right of all non-white countries who wish to preserve and protect their

    unique cultural, ethnic and racial heritage. Every race, ethnicity and nationality

    has the right of self-determination,”

    “I am not, however, a White supremacist fanatic who believes that non-whites are

    worthless trash that deserve to be subjugated or wiped out, ”

    That’s the main difference between a Aryan Nationalist and these degenerates C.I

    and other Racist Groups unlike them you have pride and Nationalism for your own

    Heritage as well as others.

    Don’t get me wrong explaining the historical events of World War 2 or Revisionism

    in general with the everyday person I get called a racist left and right – – I don’t

    mind being called a Racist or a Nazi though because the everyday person knows

    neither but it’s because of groups like C.I — because of modern day Skin-Heads

    who are fueled by ignorance and not knowledge that this fight is as hard.

    This battle does not need to fought with verbal racial attacks – – Mike Delaney and

    Zionism have a common denominator, they both fear the truth. Leave them

    nothing to

    hate but the facts, the evidence, only a simpleton with an IQ lower then that of

    bacteria could argue with the truth.

    I am also an atheist — I was born this way, indoctrinated with Religion later on in

    life. I don’t dismiss Religious texts completely due to the fact that these texts are

    used as blueprints by our enemies.

    I recently started a website of my own –
    It’s still a very much work in progress, since ZCF is currently hijacked. I was if

    maybe you could upload your Research Articles so I could mirror them on my site.

    You could look around for a Hacker4Hire on the internet that knows how to hijack

    domain names and see how much they would charge you to regain control of the

    I’d definitely like to work with you some kind of project weather it would a website

    or setting up a network of sites of like minded people to counter the disinfo of our

    enemies and shills like Delaney. Personally speaking I am not to fond of any

    people on this planet – Jews, Blacks, Browns, but especially our own people.

    Either people are getting stupider by the day or our enemies are getting smarter.

    Adrian —

    Sieg Heil! – Hail victory!

    [ As j3133 suggested I will also be posting this to my site - - very shortly to get the word ]

    • ZCF’s “Intellectual Property” goes wherever HE GOES, for it does not reside upon mere words or pixelated pages, but within HIMSELF.

      For which is greater, the finger print or the man himself?

  27. “Prothink Mike Delaney Admits He is a Dangerous Fanatic on a Power-Trip — Threatens Violence Against ZCF”

    LOL Mike Delaney is a fucking pussy, he got punched in the face by a Jew and what did this proud face of CI do NOTHING! what a faggot he’s a nothing.

    Didn’t he just plagiarize a NA and william peirce paper and call it missing links? so he really just produced it didn’t do the research himself?.

    What has he done since? He’s stolen ZCF’s content, excellent essays and quality posts and just keeps running the site he had NOTHING to do with besides buy the initial domain name years ago.

    So we’ve heard some piss weak excuses from old mike, but maybe some of his mentally ill fairytale believing supporters could let me know,

    1. what was the most popular site under the prothink umbrella? and by how much did it out rank the others?

    2. old mike shillaney seized or stole a massive amount of ZCF’s intellectual property. So I was wondering could someone point to or direct me to any of mike’s intellectual property? does he have any?.

    • How many Jewish wives do we have in this place!

      Picture Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis) from the 80s movie Space Balls pulling off his big ole’ Vader bucket helmet, looking around this whole “Truth Ship” we’re piloting here and frantically yelling the above.

      • LOL…Sorry ZCF, just couldn’t resist. :)

        It was supposed to say:

        How many Jewish wives do we have on this ship!

        Oh yeah…and Screw Alan U. Schwartz, Gyorgy Schwartz, and all the other Jewish Schwartzes! Just another Jew-ridden movie- please do NOT watch it if you have no idea what we’re talking about- Seriously, if you’re Jew-wise, don’t continue to fill your mind with their garbage. Like ZCF basically said, if we can’t sometimes laugh about what they’ve done to us we’d all go insane- just don’t over do it though, otherwise you only help them.

        CI = The Schwartz

    • Renee “Nene” Klofanda is Delaney’s wife. It came out a few years back that she was a czechoslovakian jewess.

      Is there proof that she’s Jewish? Because if Mike Delaney has a Jewish wife, then that pretty much totally discredits him.

    • My reasoning in doing that was that I was excited that a pretty powerful work on this issue had appeared (even though it was just a draft). I thought that possibly you had made some kind of compromise with Delany for some unknown compensation. I did note here that your intellectual property was being violated, though the draft was detailed enough that I thought there had been some kind of exception to the rule that you had just made, before retiring – that – “ok, the information is more important than our feud”. I had superimposed my motivations (sharing the information) upon yours.

      Obviously though, he would have had access to an earlier version of the draft, and if you were to release it, you would release it on this website

      I hope that some day you do decide to release the full draft, and I apologize for my glib comment to you previously.

  28. I see the hand of Prostink is still at work. Dana was going to do a show but it was canceled? WTF? I found this comment at Mami’s Shit, so much for free speech at Truth Militia. Those guys fucking suck! These pussies talk about how they ‘despise religion’ yet they support this retard CI loser Prothink? What a mess.

    “you can get zcf here

    I was deeply hurt when mami deleted thge comment I left on the renegade will miller show thing
    the kyle hunt started attacking me.
    all I said is that I hope Dana from truth militia would be able to do his show that I liked somewhere.
    Dana was supposed to do a show this week about CI being just no good & truth militia cancelled the show.
    Now Mami is deleting my comments talking about this actual thing
    that happened with Dana.
    I was thinking about this because I was hurt & I started thinking about if it was possible that truth militia could do in Dana over CI.
    I decided to look at the last host truth militia fired, Greg Whitaker. I went to his website and discovered the show he was going to do when he was fired was critical of Christianity.

    I now believe that CI found about this and told truth militia to get rid of him. All this junk happened about the time, CI went after zcf.
    I think we should go to Greg’s web site & support him & him’s shows instead of going to truth militia anymore.
    I give you something positive.
    Go to Greg’s site leave positive comments & support him. “

  29. Just some food for thought in regards to CI and their god Yahweh:
    “Judaism is a development of the Pre-Exilic religion of Judah that was created in and by the Babylonian diaspora and was imposed by it on the Jewish population in Judaea. … There has also been the aim of converting the gentile world to the worship of Yahweh under the aegis of a world-empire centred on Eretz Israel and ruled by ‘the Lord’s Anointed': a coming human king of Davidic lineage.” (Reconsiderations, p. 486) – Arnold J. Toynbee

    Yahweh in regards to Gnosticism:
    A common characteristic of some of these groups was the teaching that the realisation of Gnosis (esoteric or intuitive knowledge) is the way to salvation of the soul from the material world. They saw the material world as created through an intermediary being (demiurge) rather than directly by God. In most of the systems, this demiurge was seen as imperfect, in others even as evil. Different gnostic schools sometimes identified the demiurge as Adam Kadmon, Ahriman, El, Saklas, Samael, Satan, Yaldabaoth, or YAHWEH. !!!

    • Gnosticism is partly derived from Judaism. It’s just Judaism mixed with Hellenistic mystery cult material. That’s what Christianity is too.

  30. This is very unfortunate. I have followed your work for some time and in some of your articles you actually cited mine (from Metapedia). I don’t know what is going on with Delaney and Roberts, because I have always admired their actual work. Maybe its a personality thing with Delaney rather than intentional sabotage (although Veterans Today’s ADL claims now do not seem so ridiculous). What is happening to you is very similar to what happened with John Alan Martinson, who did some great work for the truth and has now dropped out of any active participation.

    My opinion of the CI debate;

    Christian Identity is a white trash movement for Masonified Anglo-Saxon Protestants (the premier historical allies of Jewry in Western Civilisation) who cannot stop fetishising the Old Testament. The only good thing about Christianity was Rome and Greece. The Catholic Church, which resisted the Jews for sometime is now dead since 1962. The only serious Christian communities worth fellow travelling with right now are the Orthodox Church in Russia, Romania, Greece and a few other countries (that doesn’t make their religious claims true, but they are mainstream in those societies and a positive force).

    A good example, from 2010, Seraphim who is Metropolitan of Piraeus (basically an Archbishop) said in the mainstream media; “Jewish bankers such as Baron Rothschild and World Zionism form a conspiracy to enslave Greece and Christian Orthodoxy.” Fellow travel with Christians like this yes, fellow travel with Bishop Richard Williamson, when he causes a stir in the public eye, yes. Just like it is worth fellow travelling part of the way with the Shia in Iran, Lebanon & Iraq. But don’t get bogged down in debates on “theology” and goofy Bill & Bob cults invented and perpetuated by white trash non-entities in the United States with no influence on the real world (CI).

    • Archbishop Ieronymos II of Athens

      Ieronymos II (born March 10, 1938, Greek: Ιερώνυμος B’, Ierōnymos; Latin: Hieronymus II, English: Jerome II) is the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece and as such the primate of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Greece. He was elected on 7 February 2008.[1]

      Social and political views

      In 2012, Ieronymos criticized racism, antisemitism and the fascist Golden Dawn party, saying that “The church loves all people, including those who are black, white or non-Christians.” [6]

    • A good example, from 2010, Seraphim who is Metropolitan of Piraeus (basically an Archbishop) said in the mainstream media;

      You might want to think twice about supporting any of these Christian orthodox clowns who purport to be “anti-Jewish”:


      He also stated that “Adolf Hitler was an instrument of world Zionism and was financed from the renowned Rothschild family with the sole purpose of convincing the Jews to leave the shores of Europe and go to Israel to establish the new Empire.”[note 3]

      In response, Metropolitan Seraphim released a statement of clarification. In it, he said that his comments are strictly his own personal opinion and that he loves and respects the Jewish people.[note 6] He said also,

      3. My public vehement opposition against International Zionism refers to the organ that is the successor of the “Sanhedrin” which altered the faith of the Patriarchs, the Prophets and the Righteous of the Jewish nation through the Talmud, the Rabbinical writings and the Kabbalah into Satanism, and always strives vigorously towards an economic empire set up throughout the world with headquarters in the great land beyond the Atlantic for the prevalence of world government and pan-religion.

      4. I consider like any sane person on the planet the Nazi regime and the paranoid dictator Adolf Hitler as horrible criminals against humanity and take a stand with all honor and respect against the Jewish Holocaust and any other heinous genocide such as that of the Pontic Greek and Armenian people. Besides, the Greek nation mourns thousands of martyrs from the criminal Nazi atrocities.[note 7]

      • As you can see, Seraphim fully endorses and promotes the Jewish Torah/Tanakh, the Jewish racial supremacist book which instructs the Jews to control the world and enslave/exterminate non-Jews.

        This is just yet another example of Christian cognitive dissonance. Christians cannot denounce the Jewish Torah/Tanakh, because it comprises 3/4 of the Christian bible. This is why Christianity cannot be used to combat Jewish power. Christianity is inextricably linked to Judaism and cannot be separated from it. Christianity is a Jewish religion.

        • My take is similar to Charles Maurras. Christianity was created by some very dubious Israelite slum dwellers, they invented the so-called “scriptures”. The Roman Empire then took over Christianity at the Council of Nicea and reworked it to suit the interests of that political power. Many of these new leaders of the Church were influenced by Greek philosophy and Roman culture, gentilising the project. The harmful aspects of so-called “scripture” were largely neutralised behind a wall of Greek pagan philosophy and Latin rituals.

          Calvinists showed up with the so-called Reformation. They wanted to strip away all of this Greco-Roman-European pagan aspect and get back to the harmful Jewified early “roots”. That is why Dutch Calvinists, British Puritans and today the American Evangelicals became the main gentile allies of Jewry. The Byzantine Empire heavily curtailed Jewish parasitic behaviour, in the West the Franciscan friars attempted to defend common people from Jewish expolitation and the Dominican Inquisition tried to keep criminal types from the Jewish bloodline out of positions of power. Philip II of Spain and Nicholas II of Russia were “hate figures” for Jewry in their ages, similar to the extent that Hitler is considered in ours.

          I am not disputing that there is something very rotten in the whole Christian project itself and their “Yahweh” likely doesn’t exist, but I’m looking at this from a perspective of pure political power and curtailing Jewry, something in the mainstream of those societies which could be manipulated. I have a feeling that if the tables start to turn on the Jews/masons, then many of these Orthodox priests will come over to the national side. Protestants in America never will and bar a deep counter-revolution, the Catholic Church probably won’t either (but before 1962 made some positive actions).

  31. Douglas H. Christie, formerly Ernst Zundel’s lawyer, and now Arthur Topham’s lawyer, has an advanced form of liver cancer and can no longer practice law or defend Arthur Topham.

  32. To Arseeus and George – this is Dana. I didn’t do my show last week because of a combination of factors: 1. mentally spent from all the in-fighting and this whole ZCF v. Delaney fiasco and just feeling overwhelmed/drained; 2. had an engagement with my girlfriend and our close mutual friends, all good people. Also had some family business and stresses/tensions – I have to call Rich back, but I don’t anticipate that there are any problems. I didn’t like the way Keith blew up on Patty, and automatically assumed everything Delaney said was accurate. The big problem here is the way the rift became personalized – I heard Siegfried describe how things went down in the forum or show and ZCF berated Delaney, idk? I suppose if CI people get mixed in or want to fight for the cause and do not cause problems or evangelize, then it shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but I would really keep a distance from any association. I do have an issue with principles and ideology and what people stand for – a CI person is “pro-white” for an insane reason, while we are for real, truth-based historical and racial reasons. For me CI has all the hallmarks of “hollywood Nazism,” it is the exact stereotypical image provided to the masses by the Jewish media of what a National Socialist is that we have to overcome today, to the contrary of every principle they real/true NS people stood for. Ideas have consequences, it will be counter-productive when trying to get the masses on board if we are allied to a deranged belief. And I will still be doing my anti-CI show, maybe not this week but soon. My position is that Christianity itself should be phased out as National Socialism intended to do, but I am willing to work with anti-Jewish Christians that follow traditional, supersessionist Christianity. My last show on TUT network actually talked about this issue. National Socialism NEVER in a million years would’ve accepted CI, it would’ve been outlawed. Anyone who has the faintest notion of the ideology or their view of Christianity should know this – the OT was completely expunged from the Bible, and children’s names were not supposed to be Hebrew, but Germanic. Paul was also removed. This is why I cannot understand why Yeager is cozy with them. Alfred Rosenberg who wrote the Myth of the Twentieth Century has it for all to see, and I also recommend Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin. It makes perfect sense that CI would become popular in the U.S., for many reasons. As for Greg’s show disappearing – i have no idea why this happened. It doesn’t really make sense at all because Rich is anti-Christian, has consistently attacked Christianity – and comes from a COTC background. WCOTC at least has its supremacy based on evolutionary theory which is grounded in reality, whereas CI has its supremacy based on a metaphysical “chosen-ness” concept taken from the Jews. With all that said, I think Delaney’s tru-tube idea is a good one, as long as it doesn’t became a platform for CI. I’m gonna try to patch things up to the best of my ability and avoid anymore drama (if you guys all notice I NEVER really attacked anyone, unless I believe they are actively disinfo agents like Duff, Makow, etc.) I don’t like seeing good people getting personally attacked, and A LOT of that has been going on from day one, which bothered me all along, but hopefully the dust has settled. I have become very inspired and plan on waging an all-out assault/propaganda campaign shortly focused directly on the real enemy.

    • “I suppose if CI people get mixed in or want to fight for the cause and do not cause problems or evangelize, then it shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but I would really keep a distance from any association.”

      Great reply and looking forward to your next show.

      Just remember this though: it was Prostink and Finck who have destroyed ZCF. Permanently. This cannot be forgotten and they cannot be trusted. Their reilgion is jewish through and through. What does that tell us?

      • Dana

        thank you for the explanation

        i also agree that the trutube site is a good idea. i wonder if the hasbarats are pulling their hair out at an uncesorable site – tho they can always try the hosting service to pull it –
        hope you enjoyed your break

        did you explain that patty is not a jew

        patching things up is what is required so good luck

      • Why is everyone afraid to say what needs to be said? Trutube is a good idea? It’s a fucking joke! Delaney and CI cannot be trusted! And what you guys are afraid to acknowledge and say is that Delaney and his gang of lunatics and retards screwed ZCF over, and then you come here to promote trutube? What a fucking joke, you have to sign up to view the videos so that they can censor your comments. Good fucking god.

  33. Prothink, be not proud, though some have called thee
    Mighty and dreadful, for thou are not so;
    For those whom thou think’st thou dost overthrow
    Die not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me.
    [above is a modification of a verse by John Donne]
    This is a Meditation on Whether Psychopathy is a Missing Link Between Prothink
    and the ADL Network as subtext for understanding the intentional devastation of the
    ZCF entity by he who would be Prothink, Mike Delaney, public internet figure.

    It is worth seeking truth because it serves to liberate the mind from falsehood; and creates resistance to manipulators.
    #There is reason to suspect that the ADL entity is lurking in the realm of Prothink.
    Prothink repeats a contention that he was protector of ZCF from the ADL and as such was putting himself in jeopardy. Yet the ADL never trashed and betrayed and robbed Zander of his lovingly created ZCF website.
    Zander ‘s website had been evicted before but never seized and the products of his labors stolen and sequestered, neither by the owners of the other website hosts nor by the ADL.
    But they certainly were by Delaney-Prothink!

    ZCF did not need protection from the ADL but from Delaney-Prothink as time has clearly and unequivocally revealed. Prothink was doing a fine service for the Foxman/ADL entity; presumably pro bono or just coincidentally; but what truthful person really knows?
    I want to consider how Zander happened to be brought into the web of treachery of Prothink’s Delaney.
    It was the ADL that contrived it. Zander was manipulated into the fiend’s den.
    If I recall what I heard correctly, actions by the ADL last year were blamed for the closure or evictions of a number of websites that were critical of Jewry and then a month or two later the same thing happened again.
    This resulted in both ZCF/Zander and Prothink/Delaney being without homes for their websites at the SAME TIME and Prothink enticed ZCF in to his net of new sites and bought the name of Zander’s website, a name Zander used for his own nom de plume. ZCF was Zander. But he could not afford to buy the website name.
    Only a very few months later, Prothink/Delaney savaged the ZCF entity and though I initially thought it was to grab the golden trove of information, from listening to the most recent Prothink radio program from Feb. 2013, I now understand that Prothink merely intends to have the ZCF site linger for a sufficient time so as to not appear that he was suppressing the info from the interested public; but discarding it is in the plan.
    Incidentally Prothink also expressed a complete deficit of remorse for his abominable actions against ZCF.
    Prothink apparently has a scheme which all who care about these things should pay attention to. He plans for a network in which he will operate with the same power and control over talented people as he had over ZCF.
    . . . .
    It is so irrational for someone with Prothink’s professed White national aspirations to have savaged such an emerging powerhouse as represented by ZCF that I can Not construct any reasonable view that justifies what is obviously extremely suspicious and suspect behavior on Delaney’s part.
    And to ruthlessly put Zander’s almost completed book out to the public without permission is so incredibly hostile or RAGE-like that I also smell the rat of psychopathy in this sad, stinking mess that is Prothink’s creation.
    But listen up! In Dec. 2012 in an interview with Ms Spingola, ZCF talks with his usual enthusiasm about his website and notes that his “friend” [I would substitute 'fiend"] Prothink had researched stats on the website and found that ZCF was in the top tier of popular websites and was more visited than David Duke, Forbidden truth, and IHR.!!! Is it the logic of the true White nationalist or even of any sensible, fair minded and intelligent owner/host of such a prized website, a rich information source of Jewry’s crimes, to follow this up in the following month with destruction for all practical purposes, of ZCF as a vibrant viable energetic entity ?
    The answer if you cannot guess is NO, NO, NO. Delaney’s actions were counter-intuitive;
    counter-productive, and powerfully so; but why?
    I listened to a C. Yaeger interview with the Prothink-entity from Jan.,2013. In it, Ms Yaeger is very eager to know the scoop from Prothink on a then-recent article penned by Gordon Duff of Veterans Today claiming that two websites [supposedly owned by Delaney] are funded and even staffed by the ADL: and
    Duff was denigrated and it was mentioned that Duff had said in some interview that 40% of what he reported was not true. I did not hear Duff in that interview; nor otherwise specifically address the matter of his statement, which went semi-viral on the internet. But from my listening experience of Gordon Duff, he has often interjected in his conveyance of information that most of the info he receives cannot be verified and he has to make a call
    as to whether his source is reliable. So it is likely that his evaluation of 40% was from a view looking backward to assess what panned out. It is very unlikely Duff was saying he intentionally told lies 40% of the time. That being said, the notion that anyone listening to Duff might just automatically believe all he says is farfetched except for only the most gullible individuals.
    Quite a revelation, though shouted down vigorously, is this ADL-Delaney connection. Prothink seems to have ADL shadows lurking all about. Are they vicious unfounded
    suggestions? From what I can discern from my seat in the peanut gallery, there does seem some dank miasma of the ADL entity over Prothink-Delaney’s actions; actions which otherwise are not logical or reasonable but are made so when the ADL network and the interests it represents of silencing such truth as were purveyed by the vibrant ZCF.
    Clearly ongoing scrutiny of Delaney/Prothink a wise proposition.
    For me, Delaney’s actions in regard to ZCF are fantastically bizarre, counter-intuitive, non-ethical; and constitute a dagger in the back of our White American search for the truth to set us free.
    When I first discovered what Delaney had done to savage the spirit and entity of ZCF
    which was only about a week ago [nobody tells me anything] I was appalled and stunned; if Delaney had pushed Zander out a window and then gone down and got a car and drove it over his body, I would/could not be more stunned with horror than I remain now.
    The ADL angle resonates with me because an early thought I had was that Delaney should have tried to get ADL to pay him to savage ZCF if he was going to be doing it anyway from some psychopathic compulsion, after all he has a family to feed; but that was ironic thinking. Then emerged mention of the Veterans Today revelation [which bears more attention and not the facile dismissal it received] added ADL fuel to the emerging flame redolent of a malodorous thing, like betrayal. Then again, listening to ZCF interviews with the truly admirable Ms Spingola shed light on how the ADL caused the situation where ZCF placed his trust and his safety into the hands of his false-friend Delaney-Prothink who, while vociferously proclaiming how he, Delaney, puts himself at risk to protect ZCF from the ADL, in fact, himself, trashed and attacked and savaged ZCF once ZCF was securely in his power; once ZCF was securely in Prothink/Delaney’s power.
    There is no possible good action here; only betrayal, deceit, psychopathy, and cruel psychic assault. The denouement of ZCF except as a shell website awaiting annihilation; and the sabotage of a remarkable emerging young and talented researcher and writer, & video maker using the nom de plume: ZCF was an awe-full spectacle of Delaney POWER;
    but to what purpose and for whose benefit? It is as well a sad and dismal specter of a con-man tyrant Judas-like betrayer, adding insult to grievous injury by trying to disguise himself with a costume of “Christian identity’.
    Or so it seems from where I sit in the peanut gallery. What do you see?

  34. Andrew Anglin Expose Intelligence Dossier Here:


    Jailbait is slang[1] for a minor who is younger than the legal age of consent for sexual activity, but physically mature enough to be mistaken for an adult, with the implication that a non-deviant older person might find them sexually attractive.[2] Andre Anglin Drunk out of his mind

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